Thursday, April 30, 2009


I decided to try something new last night while watching American Idol. Instead of writing my commentary while I watch the show, I just watched the show and am now writing about it from Panera while I get my car inspected. I would like to say that this is my way of staying interesting in my writing or something equally as clever, but the truth is that I was simply too lazy to get off the couch and retrieve the computer.

I don’t get some people’s popularity. Yeah, I thought he was great in Ray, but that’s it. We all know my feelings about Scream Girls, and that dislike is not held only for the former AI contestant. It belongs to everyone involved (save for the geniuses with whom I may someday work). I don’t like Jamie Foxx’s singing, or his personality or his upper lip/teeth combo. It’s weird. I also don’t think he was singing live, but now I am just becoming ornery.

Another truth to be told, I really don’t think any one of the contestants of this year’s show is going to make an impact on the American collective. They all end up on Broadway anyway, ADAM. (Spamalot – Clay Aiken, Rent – Frenchie, Grease – Taylor Hicks). Speaking of Taylor, well, I have nothing to say, I fast forwarded through all three performances.

Could it be!?!? Oh glory day, Adam was bottom three. Then bottom two. I sat, clutching the yellow couch pillows and an orange cat and prayed and hoped. I was careful to not hope too hard lest the karmic spirits be against me, and lo, they were. Sloth was sent home and the screecher stayed. Dang. BUT America! You have the right idea!

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