Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bye Anoop

So I was at work tonight and instead of being behind the dead, dead bar, I was in the hot, hot office with my manager who just discovered Allison and loves her because she comes from Spanish speaking places like him and doesn't that make her so great and talented? It was 9:05 pm and we were trying to figure out who had been booted from the show, but no one had posted it yet and so I am here in front of my telly at 12:50 am, having to watch the show to find out. I am certain I was right last night, but let's see.

We have to watch the asthmatic monchichi sing tonight. I may just fast-forward through that though.

Paula is gonna choreograph the group song. Thank God!! Maybe the group song will finally not suck. Say what you will about her, but she is a great dancer. But these kids cannot move. Let's see how they do... They are lipsyncing. What the frack? Well, they are not the most cohesive group. Wow. The only one who can dance is Sloth. The rest, well, they give me hope that one day I can follow simple musical theatre choreography. Still, Paula looks like a proud stage mother. Sing out Louise!

I am disappointed in Lil. I really thought she had what it took to win, but every week she has disappointed. This just reinforces that you have to know your audience. Very few people can start off their careers doing just what they want to do. Reassess, Lil. Maybe we will see you later. (I don't think we will. Sorry). Best wishes!

It is funny to see the girl judge reactions. They hold their arms out waiting for the camera light to go red and then they REACT!

Who is this woman singing? Whoever she is, she is a poster child for arm exercises. Damn, Woman. Your arms are Fabooo!

Thelma Houston? Why is your dress so short? Yeah, Paula and Simon are definitely doing it. Thelma sang to Simon and he and Paula were gazing into each others eyes with arms wrapped around one another.

Why does KC sunshine band get four chicks to dance around him? He is one Whopper short of a coronary. Oh, maybe THAT'S why! He has loads of money and may drop soon.

Dammit, Adam. I think I could like him as a person, so long as I never ever had to watch him perform.

Um, Archie, I am glad you did not win. But them were some awesome words you said tho the two in the bottom two. By the way, wow. Allison is bottom three? Wow. I really have no idea who is gonna win the whole thing. But I do know that it is Anoop that is going home tonight. Bye, Noopster. I still adore ya.

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