Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am kind of glad two of them are leaving

We are dealing with the double send home this week. Simon is looking swell is his dad's old Hanes undershirt. Seriously, does this man not have a stylist? Or is his stylist wasted. Omigosh, is Paula his stylist?

I bet that Lil could sit for hours! I again, am underwhelmed by her performance. It had energy, but thats it. I can't understand why she is not as great as I felt like she could be. I guess sometimes you can be talented and still lack the ability to be a performer. But, um, swell new wig. Why was Paula with Lil yesterday? I'm with Simon, we are kicking Lil to the curb this week. Hey, this is disco weeek. Is Chaka Khan disco? I call foul.

Little monkey boy is up, aka That Guy. He has a bit of monchichi to him, but no where near what David Archuleta had. That boy is a monchichi come to life with a raspy voice. That Guy can count!! Good for you. Smarter than all the rest! Woo! Kid is original, have to give him that. Even if he borrowed one of Simon's dad's shirts this week. They must have had a sale at Wal-Mart. You know, this kid could win. The judges like it, though Simon flipped him off, I think. Seriously. I think I can see Simon's nipples, too.

Randy just said that they are looking for the best undiscovered talent. Then why do they keep allowing people onto the show who have had record deals?

Oh no, Danny starts his song off with WOO! That's a buzz kill for me. You know, no one ever considers the back-up singers, but they have to learn these songs (all of them) in a short time. They are pretty fabulous (though they don't always sound super awesome, they always are great).

I liked this song from Danny Gokey. And he should just win because he made a heart with his hands and I love that.

The song Allison chose is boooring and yet she still stands out. The kid has some talent and I don't mean just a little. She otter win the whole thing.

Ugh, here comes the DB, still embracing his kd Lang look. Can't he figure out another look? I can't look directly at him. He is my Medusa. I will turn to puke. Maybe he is Liberace reincarnated. Yeah, he still blows. I can't take his voice. Yucky yucky yucky. Nononononono. I think he is going to be a fatty in a few years. FAT. Then his lover Clay Aiken will kick him outta bed. Paula says she has never questioned her visceral response to him. I question mine. I have never reacted that way to someone. But I think Paula wants to give it to him. She was raising a ring-bedecked finger at him, akin to the witch in Hansel and Gretel. Push her in the fire! Save yourself!!

Here comes Sloth with Stayin' Alive. Great song choice as people keep comparing him to Justin T-Lake who plays a BeeGee on SNL. And the song is appropo in regards to his still being on the show. Dude is staying alive. (for now). I liked it, but I like him. Whoa, I think Paula is in heat.

Anoop. Noop. snore. Yawn. Bah. I suppose now is time to bid you adeiu. You and Lil can slink off to prepare for the concert this summer. I am sad. I love Anoop, but I never had any ideas of his winning the show.

I wish this show were over. Wish granted! Tada! Yay. See ya'll tomorrow!

Bottom Three:
Anoop, Lil, Sloth

Going home: Lil and Anoop

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