Monday, April 20, 2009

Amy Poehler

I watched the SNL show of Amy's work that aired this weekend. I always thought she was funny, but I did not realize HOW funny, not to mention clever and awesome she is until I saw a bunch of her skits all in a row. My favorite is Caitlin and her uncle Rick, Rick, Rick! She is hysterical as the hyper spastic child who speaks like what we used to call "Orange Grove People". (Don't ask. It was on a set of a movie in which we sat around in the stands for hours doing absolutely nothing and we came up with the fantastical OGP who spoke like Caitlin and we spoke like that for hours).
Seriously, her talents are being wasted on her new show Parks and Recreation. I am not sold on it yet. She plays a character that differs from "Michael Scott" on The Office only by gender and job. It is uninteresting. Tina Fey plays a similar type character on 30 Rock in that she is a boss, she is insecure and a little weird. But Liz Lemon is interesting because she knows she is not cool. She does not really try to be. That is the main difference, I think, between her and Michael and Leslie Knope.
Leslie makes me uncomfortable and I can't really relate to her. I can relate to Liz Lemon. I wish that Amy would have developed a more complex character. 'Cause damn, the girl is funny, and awesome and deserving of a far better vehicle than the P&R crap.

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