Friday, June 17, 2011

Season 8. Episode 1

I love watching these kids dance. It makes me think I can fly through the air, legs and arms spread akimbo. (Which is sadly disproved when I crash into walls, and or wrench my ankle in my attempts). 

I have seen two auditions and I have already picked my winner. Melanie Moore is gorgeous. She has a bit of a Ginnifer Goodwin thing going for her. I cannot wait to see her in Mandy Moore or Mia Michaels choreography. (MM all the way). 

The rest of the show seems to be the usual compilation of talent vs. wanting to be seen. One fella, calling himself "White Chocolate" further proves my point that white chocolate is just a wad of fatty tastelessness. (Okay, that's a bit extreme, but C'MON!) 

Amber Williams is a little firecracker. She is in fierce competition with Melanie to be my favorite, though her wack-doodleness may become a little annoying. I hope she balances it out. (Sheesh, do I sound like an old lady, or what?) I have to say that when she takes the commentary from the judges, she is very polite. So. YES!

And finally, it's good to see Mia Michaels' protege back. I can't remember her name, but she's a great dancer.

Okay, I am already a little bored. The auditions go on far too long. Let's just get to the dancing.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More singing teenagers.

I saw that my girlfriend Idina Menzel was going to be the guest person on the second episode of the Glee Project and thought, wait, they haven't aired the second episode yet? So I tracked down the first one, starring the cute Darren Criss to quietly judge in preparation for my girl.

Keeping in mind that it is a reality show about teen/20-somethings, I have a low bar. At the same time, we are dealing with kids singing! and dancing! Yes, please!

They sing a group song (Signed, sealed, delivered) to Darren. He has the appropriate facial reactions that one would have when people are overacting their little hearts out. Why do all the kids wink at me? It's unnerving. Also, the heavy metal shriek, aka the Adam Lambert, must stop. Ugh. "Wow" she says derisively, "You sure do have range...". But they can sing. Let's see where this goes.

Okay, not having seen much yet, I am ready to lay the judgment down. There is the fuchsia lipped girl who tries to verbally rape Darren and then proceeds to lay her sad little slutty mark down everywhere she goes. When asked what her yearbook superlative would be, she says "to be the best swimsuit model that I could be". She then follows that up with a direct to camera "I hope I get to wear a bikini". What is she trying to prove? Boring. 

Then there is the girl who thinks she looks really young, and when confused for a boy, she does look like an extra from Oliver Twist. She complains about looking young and then proceeds to talk in a baby voice. Being someone who looks much younger than they are and not being a huge fan of it, this is further proof that looking young messes with people's heads. So stop saying it is so great to look young, unless you do and you know what the heck you are talking about. 

Okay, the video was super cute, and I am starting to like these kids. I hope fuchsia lips calm down, and that pretty little "classically trained soprano" doesn't get her head so bloated that she is unable to fit into the studio. I find that Ireland has little to no personality and that child-girl needs to get out of her own way. The other guy in the bottom three has made no impact on me either, but I feel like he will self-direct himself home, if he is not careful. The other pretty girl reminds me so much of someone and I just can't place her.

Ireland sings Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl". He sings it in a new and improved way. He sings "I wish that I was Jessie's girl". He is committed to the notion and afterwards Ryan Murphy calls him out on it. Oops.

The other guy seems old. So he could be one of the football players.

The little girl one needs to stop seeing herself that way so that she can get ahead. Not just here, but in life.

Okay, they posted the list. I want to put my guess down for who they are sending home...
I think Ireland is in because his foible was charming. I think that other guy is out simply because he was attitudey to the cute dancey guy.

The one being sent home is:
Bryce (the other guy)

Damn, I am good. I would be a good casting agent. (Hire me to cast your project!)