Saturday, February 28, 2009

Results of the second set of 12

I hate the group performances. Geez. I don't even know where to start. This is horrendous. Who is their choreographer. I know I am constantly harping on this, but cripes. The dancing is so creppy (creepy and crappy) and makes me feel dirty like when some grody old man lingers when shaking your hand. Recently JT and Marci were at my home for dinner and I could not stop wiggling my shoulders at them in a weird kind of "wild and crazy guy" way. I could not stop and somehow this affliction has affected the cast of AI.

Norman, Nick, whatever his name is, forgot the lyrics and he was trying so hard to sing it seriously with his scrunched up American Idol singing face. Watching them makes me want to douse myself in lye. But I watch... for you.

Allison is wearing a Minnie Mouse dress. It is clashing with her ugly hair. And we shall see her that shock of red again as she is through.

The montage is why I love this show. The producers and directors have a pretty great sense of humor.

Oh, Brooke Light-White is on. Hmm. She is still a little annoying to me. I hate it when people grin cheesily at the camera while singing a non-grinny song. Imagine grinning madly while singing Bohemian Rhapsody. "Mama, just killed a man" {GRIN}. I was not that impressed with the song.

Crap, that Adam guy is going to stay on just because he makes me go deaf in my right ear. What was that tie that Kai had on? Just weird. Damn, Adam is through.

Well, my formula failed me this week.
Adam Lambert: 0.2
Kris Allen: -0.3
Allison Iraheta: -1.6

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2nd set of twelve

I have a bad feeling about this group. I may have to ply myself with alcohol toget through this date. That is the turdiest looking shirt that Ryan is wearing. Simon winks at Ryan a lot. It is a little unsettling.

Did they really send the nine non-winners home? What is the story with the wild cards? Will they be invited back?Simon is wearing an old Hanes t-shirt that looks like it has been in existence and in full use since he was a Solid Gold Dancer.

I like Jasmine Murray. I love this song. But she seems half a note off and a beat too slow. Hmmm. I think she is better than she is performing right now. -.6 singing, .6 outfit, .6 personality, .5 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: 0.1

Matt Giraud. He seriously looks like Sloth to me. But he seems nice, though so did Sloth. Whoa, what is up with this guy's vibrato? Is he being shaken? If he did not have that, he would have a really nice voice. -.6 singing, -.2 outfit, .4 personality, -1 looks, finger waving -1 (Man! I thought he was gonna make it and not flash fingers, but at the last second, there they were). Final Score: -2.4

Why is Simon suddenly affected by the booing? Is he getting nice? Did he get a new girlfriend he is trying to impress? Is he just trying to get me jealous?

Jeanine Vailes.Hello, lime green nails. Yikes. Oh great, she is one of those strange camera abusers. I know they are trying to make love to the camera, but it seems more like camera rape to me. Creepy camera rape. What precedent did Constantine set for these performers. Wow, they are just getting worse. Does she have the same plastic surgeon as the octuplet baby momma? -.8 singing, -5 outfit, .4 personality, -.4 looks, finger waving -2 (She gets an extra minus point because she waved the wrong amount of fingers at first and then followed up with the correct amount. Sad). Final Score: -3.3

Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell. I am confused by his involvement in this show. His voice is okay. He is entertaining. He is kind of great, but isn't he snubbing his nose at all of those who take this show super seriously? Can they let him stay? Will America like him? He is so cabaret. He is Las Vegas! He is no worse than Reuben Stoddard, but can he fit in with Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson? He makes me want to add a entertainment factor to my algorthym. Hmm. Curious. .5 singing, -1 outfit, 1 personality, -.5 looks, finger waving 1. Final Score: 1

Did Seacrest forget that he was on camera tonight? What the hell is he wearing?

Allison Iraheta. She would probably look nice with really dark hair. Why does she keep saying the name of the song and the band like she is embarrassed about it? It is pissing me off because the band is great and the song is awesome. I can't tell if she is not quite hitting the high notes or if the backup singers just make her sound off. I love her raspy voice. I can't believe she is only sixteen. .9 singing, -.5 outfit, -.2 personality, -.8 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -1.6

Kris Allen. He has this aw shucks quality that even is apparent in his singing. That's why this song was perfect for him (MJ's Man in the Mirror)> I'd like to request that he stops fanning his fingers on the mic, please. His butt is attempting to break out of his jeans. Not good. He is okay, but on a high school show kind of way. I am not sold on him. I think he is utterly forgettable. .4 singing, -.2 outfit, .1 personality, .4 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -0.3

Megan Joy Corkrey. She looks like a mix of Johnny Depp's girl Vanessa Paradis and Jacinda Barrett (Real World). She also looks like the yin to "The Ring" girl's yang. Um, why are these people here? This is awful. This is worse than karaoke. She says down weird. Dang, I thought this girl was better. And then she just ended it super bad. Nonono. Bad. But she is cute. -.7 singing, -.3 outfit, .6 personality, .8 looks, finger waving 1. Final Score: 1.4

Matt Breitzke. The Welder. Hmm, he is singing Tonic. I love this song. Why is everyone singing so cheesily? Is it nerves? Everyone keeps attempting to stylize the songs and it sounds like crap. Just frickin' sing the already. He is singing okay, but I am bored. I love the random yet obligatory dancing from the rest of the group. Hey, the judges agree with me. Boring! -.1 singing, 0 outfit, -.2 personality, 0 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -1.3

I find myself wishing that some people wave fingers and that others don't based on how much I like them. It is such a major factor in my formula!

Jesse Langseth. Dang, there are a lot of single moms on this show. I really like this girl but I am so caught up in her sweater and how truly ugly it is. She has a great a great voice for this song, I wish she would have done a bit more with the song. I was rather bored. She has more potential than she showed .6 singing, .3 outfit, .8 personality, .6 looks, finger waving -1. (I have to take off .2 from her because she could not shut up during the judges commentary. That's annoying. Shut up and listen for goodness sakes). Final Score: 1.1

Kai Kalama. Oh, I like this boy and his momma. I hate his hair. His performance is pretty good, but his singing was very level. It would have behooved him to find a better song, but he sold it better at the end. It got less boring. .3 singing, .6 outfit, .9 personality, .3 looks (He'd get higher points on looks, because he is cute, if he cut his hair. Hmm, he's actually be hot without the sideshow Bob hair), finger waving -1. Final Score: 1.1

Mishavonna Henson. I felt like she was reading the lyrics while she sang them. Yet, she has an interesting and pretty good voice. I dunno how to feel about her. I want to like her and I like the song, but something is off. .4 singing, 0 outfit, .8 personality, -.4 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -0.2

Adam Lambert. Hmph, this guy annoys me. He is so drama and screechy. He has so many added thingies like his hair and his clothes that he seems like he is overcompensating for something. I dunno why he totally rubs me the wrong way. DUDE! Enough with the dang falsetto crap. Blech. I dislike this guy, therefore, prepare to see him all the way through. The judges like him. We are at odds. Blech. Gah. 0 singing, 0 outfit, 0 personality, -.8 looks, finger waving 1. (Man! He is not a finger waver.) Final Score: 0.2

(My formula is really hard to follow because it is so very arbitrary, but whatever. It is working for me. Sort of).

All twelve in my order:
Megan Joy Corkrey: 1.4
Kai Kalama: 1.1
Jesse Langseth: 1.1
Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell: 1
Adam Lambert: 0.2 Jasmine Murray: 0.1
Mishavonna Henson -0.2
Kris Allen: -0.3
Matt Breitzke: -1.3
Allison Iraheta: -1.6
Matt Giraud: -2.4
Jeanine Vailes: -3.3

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Results of the first twelve

I had a dermatologist appointment today in which she scanned my whole body for that horrendous skin cancer. In preparation for this, I shaved my legs. Apparently, I felt my ankle had some questionable skin, because I actively removed a massive chunk with my razor which then filled my shower with more blood than I knew I had. This has nothing to do with anything, but my sock looks like Curt Schilling's during the 2004 playoffs. I think maybe I want some sympathy. A bouquet wouldn't kill you guys.

The group song... is scary. Make it stop. Who is their choreographer? Dang, this typing thing is hard when my cat insists on crossing my lap every two seconds, walking over my laptop (which coincidentally is currently on my lap! Madness!)

The H&R Block commercials with the cyclops wigs me out. Where did they find one-eyed actors?

The recaps from Tuesday make me realize I gave Jackie Tohn too high of a score. I think I would prefer that these people just stand still and sing, because their dancing makes me puke a little in my mouth.

Tatiana has a good voice when she is not adding vocal acrobatics. Hmm, I wonder what score these people would get if I were judging them today...

I wonder if my fantabulous scoring method has any merit. If so, I am willing to sell it for big bucks to the American Idol people.

I am worried that Stevie is dumb because how hard is it to figure out that a younger song does not necessarily mean a song by a young person? Anoop sang a "Angel of Mine" by Monica who was 18 when she sang it (though it was a cover) and the judges told him that it was too old a song for him. Figure it out, Stevie.

Ryan keeps saying that people are NOT in the top twelve. But that is not true. They are not in the top nine. At least that is what I understand. The votes pick the top girl, top guy, and the next highest vote getter. Then there are three spots that are wild card. That means that three people WILL be in the top twelve that are being told they will not. Right?

Whaaaat? Michael Sharver over Noop Dawg? That's crap.

Dude, Marci and JT, we should go to Disney and perform for AI while we are in FLA. Hey, it is the missing Corr sister and the Aussie guy from last year. I thought we were done with them. They dance just like the current cast. Wow, this is a terrible song. Excuse me while I fast forward through Michael Johns singing "she wrote me a lettuow".

Danny has to win, but I wonder if this will be some weird Sanjaya moment where all the idjets vote for Tatiana because she is crazy. Phew. I was about to throw a hissy fit to the stupidness of this competition that has ceased to be a singing contest. But, now I don't have to though I might still due to Anoop's disposal. Yet, I don't, nor have I ever cast a vote. I don't know how big a foot I have to stand on. But I have a big mouth and those are the people who get listened to, see?

By, the way, I feel like Danny will win the whole thing.

Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop! Anoop!

In: Danny Gokey, Michael Sharver, Alexis Grace. They were #1, #3 and #5 in my formula. I am awesome.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rating 12 of the top 36

Seacrest said that Simon was in the UK for the past six months. Do they have a hiatus between the auditions and then the actual live show? I guess they must. Interesting. I never thought about it.

They are doing things a little differently this time around. 12 kids sing, top dude and top chick (Viewer votes-wise) stay in and the next highest vote getter stays, too. This gives nine contestants. Then they have a wild card contest for the final three spots. I wonder if this is the leeway needed for the judges to make sure that at least three of their favorites get in. Otherwise, would they just take the top two guy and top two girls from each of the 12? And what if the groups of twelve are unbalanced and all the sucky people are in the same group?

Onward: First up, Jackie Tohn. I like her. But what the hell is she wearing? Big red pleather belt with Olivia Newton John "Let's get physical" satiny pants. Run DMC high-tops. Yucks. And she is a finger waver. She gets .5 point for singing, loses one for outfit, gains nothing for looks (because I don't think she is gorgeous or ugly), gains one for personality and loses one for finger waving. Final score: -0.5

Simon's hair is exceptionally square today.

Two: Ricky Braddy.Wowzers, thems some snug pants. I thought Jackie's were tight... He has fuzzy ears. the little furs catch the light spectacularly and give him a monkey-like halo. Nice. Hmm, not a fan. .5 for singing, -1 outfit, 0 looks, 0 personality, -1 finger waving. Judges loved him. Final Score:-1.5

Three: Alexis Grace. Cute girl. I like her. Even though she dirrtied (rather than dirtied it up)her look up and kind of looks like a child prostitute. Oops, she forgot to put to put her dress on over her slip. Seriously, I thought slip dresses went out a looooong time ago. At least her shoes are cute and not made of lucite. I like her. .8 singing, -1 outfit, 1 personality, .6 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: 0.4

Four: Brent Keith. He seems cute from some angles, and not so cute from others. It is weird. He is like that girl on Seinfeld that was hot in some lights and not hot in others. He's country. Enough with the country already. Hey, just go to Nashville, dude. If they let Jessica Simpson and that chick (Julianne Hough) from Dancing with the Stars have careers, they'll let you in, too. You don't have to waste time on this show that is called POP Idol in Britain. 0 singing, 0 outfit, .3 personality, 0 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -0.7

Five: Stevie Wright. Oh Stevie. I kind of liked you. But you chose a song from Taylor Swift who is not the greatest singer and wow, this really sucks. She sounded like a tone deaf kid who was singing along to JT's karaoke machine. She took the youthful image thing a little far, dressing like Punky Brewster. That really sucked. -1 singing, -1 outfit, .5 personality, 0 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -2.5

Six: Noop Dawg! Anoop Desai. Love this kid! Have big hopes for him. Aw crap. He gives those weird lecherous glances at the camera. Well, it did not seem to hurt Constantine's chances. That song was kind of crappy, but I mostly blame the backup singers. I want him to fix his hair. It looks like the same cut he probably had when he was a little kid. I still like him. He seems like a genuine person. .8 singing, .4 outfit, .8 personality, 0 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: 1

Seven: Casey Carlson. She looks like one of the girls from the CW show Privileged. She is cute. Whoa, she is worse than the worst lounge singer. Some of the worst faces I have ever seen. She looks like she is trying to give birth. Maybe some dance classes would help? Though this looks like a lost cause. And, is it it me or is her singing super amateur and off-key? Wow. No. (Wow, she gets a fairly high score because she did not wave a finger to indicate her number. She is the first of them. I want her to stay just for that! Oh, and the hopes that her weirdo behavior during performances might deteriorate and become weirder). -.8 singing, -.7 outfit, .5 personality, .7 looks, finger waving 0. Final Score: -.3

Eight: Michael Sarver. This boy has a great smile. The television just glitters when he smiles on it. Otherwise he is rather plain looking. Is he wearing mom jeans? Aw, I love him. He looks like he is going to burst from excitement. His singing, however is sometimes really on and great and other times totally off. .2 singing, 0 outfit, .6 personality, .5 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: 0.3

Nine: Ann Marie Boskovich. Wow, she sounds flat. She is not quite getting down to those lower notes. Sure enough, she got better as she hit the higher notes, still, it was not great in my opinion. But she is the first one in a cute outfit. -.5 singing, .8 outfit, .5 personality, .1 looks, finger waving -.5 (She didn't wave a nine, but she did give an awkward 2 thumbs up and that gets penalized!). Final Score: 0.4

Ten: Stephen Fowler is from the Cleve! I don't think he should have made it this far based on his solo act of forgetting the words and then simply leaving the stage. He sounds like he is singing this song a shade slower than the music is being played. Yikes. This sounds warped. He looks like a little kid, almost like Rudy Huxtable when she was 6, when he is singing. Oh, he is an excuse giver. He's out in my opinion. Blech. -1 singing, -.3 outfit, 0 personality, 0 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -2.3

Eleven: Tatiana Del Toro. Yay. Let's see this mental case sing. She is such a drama queen which makes me crazy. That's why she gets a full negative on personality. It's strange but she looks a teeny bit like Isla Fisher in that picture. Dang, she is flat, too. And she is wearing Holly Hobby's dress. I feel creepy watching this. Bad song choice. I... speechless... Especially after that little spin she gave at the end. The judges called her out! Nice. Now she is embarrassed. -.6 singing, -1 outfit, -1 personality, .1 looks, finger waving -1. Final Score: -3.5

Twelve: Danny Gokey. I think he borrowed Michael Sharver's shirt. I only give him a .9 for singing because of all of the riffs. I hate them, but dang the boy can sing. I like him. .9 singing, .3 outfit, .8 personality, .2 looks, finger waving 0. AND he is not a finger waver! Looove that. Final Score: 2.2

In my highly mathematical formula, these are the contestants from best to worst, in my humble opinion. (Of course, I got more critical as the show progressed...)

Danny Gokey 2.2
Anoop Desai 1
Alexis Grace 0.4
Ann Marie Boskovich 0.4
Michael Sharver 0.3
Casey Carlson -0.3
Jackie Tohn -0.5
Brent Keith -0.7
Ricky Braddy -1.5
Stephen Fowler -2.3
Stevie Wright -2.5
Tatiana Del Toro -3.5

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hollywood Week some more

Two hours of this tonight. I had better see some great breakdowns. Is that the same mansion that was used in "Beauty and the Geek"? I tried googling it, but all that was coming up was some people wondering which judge's house that was. Seriously?

The kid who opens his mouth wider than the girl who is part anaconda is up. He annoys me. He sang an over the top "Over the Rainbow" for auditions and I am flabbergasted that he is still around. DAMN! They are keeping his melodramatic self in the competition. Bah.

I like this new sing-off thing. The tenson rises and Buggie is happy. Cody, the horror filmmaker, sounded panicked in his sing-off song. I don't like the other kid's voice much.

Oh, man, This is so repetitive. I am done.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Um.. I used to watch Beverly Hills, 90210.

Um... I watch 90210. But Erin Silver on the first show:

Was played by Mercedes Kastner.

The New "Silver" (she dropped Erin for cool's sake) is played by Jessica Stroup:

Bit of a departure, no?

Down to 72.

Day four of Hollywood week. Hey, the blind guy has not been cut. I wonder if Ryan is still impotently attempting to give him high fives.

Let's get ready to watch some tears. They show Hollywood. Is the sidewalk in front of Grauman's wet? Could it have rained? In L.A.?

The theatrical guy (Adam Lambert) sounds like a Cher impersonator. I dunno about him. Of course, because I don't like him, they will let him stay (Gah, and the more I listened to it, I had to rewind and rewatch to get their names, the worse he seemed to be). And the guy (Matt Giraud) Simon says reminds him of Elliott Yamin, reminds me more of Sloth from Goonies. But they all have strangely narrow teeth. Well, not teeth, but the part of the jaw in which the teeth reside. Esp. the upper teeth.

Jamar Rogers killed two people. Isn't that teardrops under the eye indicate? Either that or he has a very special kind of skin cancer that glitters under the spotlight.

I like Bud Bundy (Danny Gokey) though is he singing like the guy from Creed. (With arms wide opuuun).

Noop Dawg (Anoop Desai) is awesome. I want him to win. I like the little Shark (Jorge Nunez) (Puerto Rican. I just watched West Side Story again. Am I allowed to call him a shark?). I want him to do something better with his with his crazy curls. Scott MacIntyre has a nice voice, but he has a bit of Josh Groban thing going for him which will bode well for him in regards to Simon, but I am not a huge fan.

Kendall Beard. Bye.

Did Stevie Wright's head grow? Her cranium looks enormous. I like her, too. Lil Rounds (Damn, that's what I wanted to name my kid) is great.

Kristin McNamara wins for opening her mouth the widest. I kind of like her, but it might just be fear speaking as she could try to wrap herself around me and ingest me like an anaconda. (My anaconda don't want none if you ain't.... hold on... What is that song really about...?)

I played AI on my Wii and totally won the whole thing.

What is up with all the maxi dresses? These girls look pregnant. I like Jasmine Murray, too. No maxi dress for her. She's only 16. She's better not need a maxi dress yet. Though, I do watch "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". (Did you get that whole train of thought? If so, you may need help.... :)

Damn, if that Norman/Nick guy has not established a credible career for himself. Bet they give him a show. Not on American Idol, though.

I am having a girl crush on Kara DioGuardia. I just like her. (Even though she is wearing the most horrendous lacy top thingy. Yikes.) She is soo pretty and does not take crap. She is bitchy but in a self-sufficient kind of way. She is not a bitch for the sake of being bitchy. I need to learn some of her bitchy. I am always too nice or too mean. Deal with it.

Ju'not Joyner has a lovely voice and he seems sooo nice. I like. I like how sweetly melancholy he made "Hey there, Delilah".

This is kind of a boring breakdown. I am bored. I cleaned my bedroom today. I never ever vacuum in there and decided that today was the day and yes I have a cat, but that does not excuse the size of the dust bunnies in there. Nasty. I went on a murderous spree with my Hoover* and now live in the lap of splendor once again. I also found my mascara that went missing a few weeks ago.

Why was (the formerly homeless) Leneshe Young doing the robot while performing "Love Song"? Marci and I do the robot and other asst. dances while enjoying the musical stylings of "Liquid A" at bars in the DC Metro area.

Whoa, the judges... What is up with all the hardware around Paula and Randy's necks? They would NOT make it through a high school metal detector with that!

You know, people say that this is a cruel competition. I say nay. This is a realistic and actually somewhat coddling experience for these kids. I have been to the odd audition and believe me, if they (the judges) even acknowledge you, it is usually not very pleasant. (One experience for me: Can you lose 5 pounds in the next few days? Um... Sure... Healthy lifestyle.)

Hmph. Just as I suspected. They kept in many of the crappy ones. But they kept my good ones, too. We'll see how good my taste is. But in previous seasons, I totally called Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood to win. Problem is that I lose interest in the show once it is down to ten. I like the drama and the tears of Hollywood week.

* I don't actually have a Hoover brand vacuum cleaner.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hollywood week. (Hell week) (My Heaven week)

It is Hollywood Week. This is the very best part of this show. I am such a sadist. I love watching these people break down from the pressure. Obviously they have some semblance of talent, or else they would not be there. (Save for the people who get voted through to irritate one of the judges). This week is there to test their mettle, their endurance. This is my favorite part of the show because some people really begin to shine, but more importantly, I like watching people break down. This is where they show how hard they will work, and how badly they really do want this.

I watched the first day, but did not write about it. So I am watching the second day. I am so excited to see the bikini girl get eviscerated by Kara. I have been looking forward to Tatiana's (the crazy pageanty girl who gives kisses from her chin) breakdown. And it comes early in the show. Yay. Wow. She is truly the kind of person we do not want to give the power of celebrity to. Yikes.

These kids let the drama of their groups get to them too much. If one of their members needs to take a break, they should go on rehearsing without them so that when they go on stage, they are the best they can be. Instead they waste all their time confronting the non-compliant one. That's dumb. That way they all suck, instead of just the one who does not want to work as hard.

I wonder what the Norman character will do? I feel like he will melt into the background without his shiny shirt, sweatband and glasses. I don't think he will give as much energy as himself. Then he will go home.

I want the boy who opens his mouth bigger than an anaconda while singing "Over the Rainbow" to go home. The guy with the chin pins needs to go too because he is such a drama queen. It is tiresome. When I was a kid, my siblings called me waterworks. I ain't got nothing on this kid. Quit crying already.

Okay, it is performance time. I wonder how many people will cry and how many will bitch about being cut. Can you imagine going to an interview and being told that they don't need you for the job, then laying into the employer? I can't.

Dangit!! Is Katrina (bikini girl) not going on stage? BUT I NEED THE INTERACTION WITH KARA! Oh good. She is back. She is a true diva and I bet she thinks she is a really great person who deserves all the best treatment in the world. Blech. I will call her special circumstances girl.

Yay, Eliza Dushku is back on a new show. I have missed her. I need a DVR that records four shows at a time. I am missing so much good tv.

The first group is great. Even my lover is grinning at them. And Nick (aka Norman) made it through. Wow. However I did not recognize him until they said his name. Yikes, the group that included the multi-hued hair girl (Emily) suuuucccckkkkkeeddd. Emily just said, after being booted, "This is the only thing I know how to do" which is really sad because she does not know how to do this at all. So how will she ever get by? Her groupmate just said Paula had evil in her eyes. Why Paula? She sits there so impotently when the group is being canned.

I like Danny Gokey's voice (most of the time). I like that raspy thing.

Good Lord, what is Paula wearing? It is like a purple sequined body suit, that is wickedly high cut, because there is skin to be seen just under her boob. I bet when worn alone, it looks like one of those leotards (but with glitter) that Jane Fonda used to make us watch her wear.

It is time for Special Circumstances and her group. Confrontation time. Jasmine is the only diva that doesn't suck. Aw, bye Rose. Sad. She is so cute. But I am impressed that she made it that far. Jasmine will be one of the top singers. And it turns out that SC girl is really quite sweet.*

The Osmond kid is going home and he wants an opportunity to show what he can do. Can't he just call his aunt and ask to be on her new talk show? He is an OSMOND for goodness sakes. They make up 35% of the population. Opportunity. Cripes.

WHAAAT? Tatiana's group made it through? They sounded like my cat (x4) when I accidentally kicked him.

Headband/chin pins group is up. This kid is annoying to me. I wonder if he will cry?* He looks like a 1950's gas station attendant. Harmony is hard, but it should not be this hard. I am bleeding from my left ear. I should sue. Dang, we have to watch his water works some more. But this drama is why I love this part of the show soooo much. Yay.

What do the people with small children do? Who watches them? How can they live without their kids? Well, they have weeded through and we are down to 75 contestants. Who will be America's next Top Model Idol?

* This would be known as sarcasm.