Saturday, February 28, 2009

Results of the second set of 12

I hate the group performances. Geez. I don't even know where to start. This is horrendous. Who is their choreographer. I know I am constantly harping on this, but cripes. The dancing is so creppy (creepy and crappy) and makes me feel dirty like when some grody old man lingers when shaking your hand. Recently JT and Marci were at my home for dinner and I could not stop wiggling my shoulders at them in a weird kind of "wild and crazy guy" way. I could not stop and somehow this affliction has affected the cast of AI.

Norman, Nick, whatever his name is, forgot the lyrics and he was trying so hard to sing it seriously with his scrunched up American Idol singing face. Watching them makes me want to douse myself in lye. But I watch... for you.

Allison is wearing a Minnie Mouse dress. It is clashing with her ugly hair. And we shall see her that shock of red again as she is through.

The montage is why I love this show. The producers and directors have a pretty great sense of humor.

Oh, Brooke Light-White is on. Hmm. She is still a little annoying to me. I hate it when people grin cheesily at the camera while singing a non-grinny song. Imagine grinning madly while singing Bohemian Rhapsody. "Mama, just killed a man" {GRIN}. I was not that impressed with the song.

Crap, that Adam guy is going to stay on just because he makes me go deaf in my right ear. What was that tie that Kai had on? Just weird. Damn, Adam is through.

Well, my formula failed me this week.
Adam Lambert: 0.2
Kris Allen: -0.3
Allison Iraheta: -1.6

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