Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Down to 72.

Day four of Hollywood week. Hey, the blind guy has not been cut. I wonder if Ryan is still impotently attempting to give him high fives.

Let's get ready to watch some tears. They show Hollywood. Is the sidewalk in front of Grauman's wet? Could it have rained? In L.A.?

The theatrical guy (Adam Lambert) sounds like a Cher impersonator. I dunno about him. Of course, because I don't like him, they will let him stay (Gah, and the more I listened to it, I had to rewind and rewatch to get their names, the worse he seemed to be). And the guy (Matt Giraud) Simon says reminds him of Elliott Yamin, reminds me more of Sloth from Goonies. But they all have strangely narrow teeth. Well, not teeth, but the part of the jaw in which the teeth reside. Esp. the upper teeth.

Jamar Rogers killed two people. Isn't that teardrops under the eye indicate? Either that or he has a very special kind of skin cancer that glitters under the spotlight.

I like Bud Bundy (Danny Gokey) though is he singing like the guy from Creed. (With arms wide opuuun).

Noop Dawg (Anoop Desai) is awesome. I want him to win. I like the little Shark (Jorge Nunez) (Puerto Rican. I just watched West Side Story again. Am I allowed to call him a shark?). I want him to do something better with his with his crazy curls. Scott MacIntyre has a nice voice, but he has a bit of Josh Groban thing going for him which will bode well for him in regards to Simon, but I am not a huge fan.

Kendall Beard. Bye.

Did Stevie Wright's head grow? Her cranium looks enormous. I like her, too. Lil Rounds (Damn, that's what I wanted to name my kid) is great.

Kristin McNamara wins for opening her mouth the widest. I kind of like her, but it might just be fear speaking as she could try to wrap herself around me and ingest me like an anaconda. (My anaconda don't want none if you ain't.... hold on... What is that song really about...?)

I played AI on my Wii and totally won the whole thing.

What is up with all the maxi dresses? These girls look pregnant. I like Jasmine Murray, too. No maxi dress for her. She's only 16. She's better not need a maxi dress yet. Though, I do watch "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". (Did you get that whole train of thought? If so, you may need help.... :)

Damn, if that Norman/Nick guy has not established a credible career for himself. Bet they give him a show. Not on American Idol, though.

I am having a girl crush on Kara DioGuardia. I just like her. (Even though she is wearing the most horrendous lacy top thingy. Yikes.) She is soo pretty and does not take crap. She is bitchy but in a self-sufficient kind of way. She is not a bitch for the sake of being bitchy. I need to learn some of her bitchy. I am always too nice or too mean. Deal with it.

Ju'not Joyner has a lovely voice and he seems sooo nice. I like. I like how sweetly melancholy he made "Hey there, Delilah".

This is kind of a boring breakdown. I am bored. I cleaned my bedroom today. I never ever vacuum in there and decided that today was the day and yes I have a cat, but that does not excuse the size of the dust bunnies in there. Nasty. I went on a murderous spree with my Hoover* and now live in the lap of splendor once again. I also found my mascara that went missing a few weeks ago.

Why was (the formerly homeless) Leneshe Young doing the robot while performing "Love Song"? Marci and I do the robot and other asst. dances while enjoying the musical stylings of "Liquid A" at bars in the DC Metro area.

Whoa, the judges... What is up with all the hardware around Paula and Randy's necks? They would NOT make it through a high school metal detector with that!

You know, people say that this is a cruel competition. I say nay. This is a realistic and actually somewhat coddling experience for these kids. I have been to the odd audition and believe me, if they (the judges) even acknowledge you, it is usually not very pleasant. (One experience for me: Can you lose 5 pounds in the next few days? Um... Sure... Healthy lifestyle.)

Hmph. Just as I suspected. They kept in many of the crappy ones. But they kept my good ones, too. We'll see how good my taste is. But in previous seasons, I totally called Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood to win. Problem is that I lose interest in the show once it is down to ten. I like the drama and the tears of Hollywood week.

* I don't actually have a Hoover brand vacuum cleaner.

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