Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marketers need new drugs

What is up with the commercials these days? Most specifically car and anti-depression medication ads. Ugh.

1. Volkswagon. I already have issues with your marketing people, due to the series of ads that basically stated that if you drive a VW you WILL get hit. Now, they have a fella drenched in oil who unsuccessfully changed the oil in his brand new and very expensive Mercedes. The VW rolls up to inform him that oil changes are free and Volkswagon. That's great! However, a guy who just shelled out $50k-100K for a car is not going to be too worried about the cost of an oil change.

2. Lexus IS convertible: Promoting illegal endeavors (so it seems) during a time of economic crisis in which the average person cannot afford this car unless they commit illegal endeavors. Nice way to get around the recession, Lexus. Hey, future IS owners, go steal something and you can get away in your new convertible! Yay!

3. Cymbalta. You make me depressed watching your damn commercial. Seriously! Who does this Cymbalta ad hurt. Everyone.

4. Pristiq. There is a creepy little wind up doll that sticks around, even when the person is on anti-depression meds, to remind them that depression is always watching. I think this commercial is scary. That doll is gonna get you. Not the message I want from my anti-depression drugs. There it is! Augh!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doobie doobie doo Dance!

I have successfully avoided watching "So You Think You Can Dance" until this season. Marci likes it and if Marci likes something, chances are I will too. So I DVR'd it.

I am in.

Holy smokes, these kids can move. Makes me think that I can move... until I get up and kick my leg up six inches from the floor and feel something unpleasant happen to my hamstring. I keep forgetting how old and unbendy I am. Still, I am wiggling along to the music while I watch, perhaps with some bizarre ingrained belief that I could dance like that if I just tried.

Oh, the bodies! I love all the muscle and the leanness and the flexibility. It is amazing what a body can do. Then they showed me Sean Kingston, off-tune possible offspring of Biz Markie. He is really fat, after seeing all these fit dancers bodies. Thanks for ruining my high.

I loveeeeddddd the Bollywood dance. I was exhausted just watching them. It was good to see Wade Robson's choreography. I loved the Crash Test Dummies dance.

So, I am in. Okay? And if I suddenly feel an urge to dance, grab my hand and join me!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RIP Grasshopper

I was watching Mental (episode 3, Book of Judges) which starred David Carradine. It was such a sad role to watch, knowing that he is dead. He was in a sort of disassociative state in which in seemed to have no connection to the real world, choosing instead to live in a fantasy brought upon by a lightning strike that hit him and killed his wife.

I don't know where I am going with this, but it struck me as sad. This was supposed to be aired while he was filming a new movie in Thailand. Instead, they are trying to figure out the details of his death. Then there is the whole lightning aspect which makes me sad for the people who were struck and killed by lightning recently, like the 12 year old boy in Fredericksburg, VA last week.

It was a sad episode. And it ended kind of gross with Estella Warren coming to "take care of unfinished business" with the good doctor. I dunno. Seemed a little cliched to me.