Friday, November 12, 2010

"Never Been Kissed"

Holy smokes, that boy from the Warblers is soooo cute. Good for Kurt for standing up to the meathead. Whoa! Should've seen THAT coming. But I didn't. I was too busy cheering Kurt on.

Poor Bieste. I want them to be nice to her. Though her in a tutu en pointe at the barre with the cigar was a fairly priceless image I don't want to leave my imagination for a long time. Why did Schuester tell her what the kids are doing with her image? I swear, he gets more and more dumb each episode.

Holy crap. Bieste is 40!?! I'm almost 40. My friend Jen is 40. There is a HUGE disparity in the way we look. AND Schuester will kiss anyone.

Have the Glee writers lost interest in Rachel? She spoke 55 words and she mouthed "okay" once. She was in 4 scenes, including the song which she sang. And yeah, I counted. What? It's who I am.
I mean, I get it. Her story arc was covered last season. But she looks HOT and makes me wanna cut bangs again. (That paragraph had 60 words in it, until I started typing this sentence...)

I want a confetti cannon.