Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dance With Somebody

Hello my darlings. It has been a while since I have live-blogged a Glee episode. I sat down to watch the latest, the Whitney episode, and it opened on Mercedes staring at a framed picture of Whitney Houston while singing about a boy. I thought, Yup! This one is ripe for live-blogging.

Let me start by saying that Glee has slowly been losing it's glimmer. It's tarnishing, if you will, right before my eyes, and I don't like it one bit! I'm bored. I used to cry. Now I play words with friends. What happened to Shelby? What kind of crap-ass storyline was that? Waste of good talent. Sorry, Idina. AND what the heck was up with Rachel's dads. One was supposed to be black. He was incredibly black in season one when we saw pictures of the two men together. Bah. Lame.

Okay, so let's get to the show. Why is she singing to a picture of Whitney? Why does she have a framed 8x10 of Whitney at school? Why is she so consternated? She's singing about a crush. Oh, my bad. It's a 5x7. Don't hold my inability to quickly gauge photo size against me. They have a shrine to Whitney? They certainly are setting this show up to be a barn burner. I sure hope they answer all of these pressing questions throughout the show. (Oh, and Santana looks vaguely like she's gonna puke.)

Oh, Glee.  You could have picked a better song to open with if you were gonna be that melodramatic about it.

Has it always been this way, or are they really promoting over-acting? Oh, and who sings for Brittany?

Ok, I feel like I'm being awfully negative so, some positives: I like Brittany & Santana's relationship. I like Santana's voice. I like that the show only seems to air once a month. Oh no. Sorry, there I go again.  But seriously who changed? The show? or the way I watch it?

Hahaha. The guy's name is pronounced Lah-vendor. It's a family name. Classic!

There actually was a pretty good throw away joke from Brittany. Talking about the dreadhead, she said, "yeah, Joe is pretty, but I heard she doesn't shave her pits."

I love Kurt's dad. He's a real character on this show of (say this next part with a trill) draaaama queens. 
Aw dammit, Kurt. Ya got me. I got a little teary during his rendition of "I have nothing", even though I passionately abhor falsetto. Yeah, he lost me towards the end of the song when he got super high pitchy, but the beginning was nice.


zzz, ewhah? (clears throat)
Sorry. Must have dozed off there for a second. I'm back.

Oh seriously? Schuester wants to get married soon so that his age inappropriate, not to mention otherwise inappropriate, friends can come to the wedding? This show is actually kind of sad.

Ew gross! Joe poked Quinn. But wait, isn't she paralyzed? How would she have felt that...?

Why are they all hugging? Didn't they just spend the whole day going to classes together? Teenagers! Bah. Just kiddding. I just am soo old I forget what HS is like. I think I can recall being rather dramatic.

Also, can we end the word adorkable? (New Girl)