Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hollywood Week some more

Two hours of this tonight. I had better see some great breakdowns. Is that the same mansion that was used in "Beauty and the Geek"? I tried googling it, but all that was coming up was some people wondering which judge's house that was. Seriously?

The kid who opens his mouth wider than the girl who is part anaconda is up. He annoys me. He sang an over the top "Over the Rainbow" for auditions and I am flabbergasted that he is still around. DAMN! They are keeping his melodramatic self in the competition. Bah.

I like this new sing-off thing. The tenson rises and Buggie is happy. Cody, the horror filmmaker, sounded panicked in his sing-off song. I don't like the other kid's voice much.

Oh, man, This is so repetitive. I am done.

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