Monday, April 20, 2009


The episode from 4/19/09 was goooood. Sarah is in heat and finds a gorgeous new fella in her office that strikes her fancy. So hot. I especially love how mid-sauciness, she gets him to sign a form that states the act that was about to happen was completely consensual. After the event, Sarah pops over to Kevin's house all mussed up (Good job hair people), where she interrupts a super charged moment between Kevin and his husband who open the door (literally) to a threesome. Sarah's appearance at the door does no favors for anyone, but it does allow for Kevin and Scotty to later discuss their marital plans. Meanwhile Kitty and her husband are having nothing but trouble. She is finding it easier to confide in a single father friend, than addressing the issue with her husband. Robert sees the issue, and contemplates when he lost her. I appreciate this whole exchange because it demonstrates that you always know when something is wrong in your relationship. If you don't, it is because you are choosing not to see it. I also appreciate that she won't deal with it. The whole issue is realistic and I am curious how they will get through it.

This whole episode was charged, hence the title. But I also liked how Justin took Rebecca up to the canyons and apologized to her for what he had done wrong, but then left her to sort through it herself, versus forcing her to deal with that situation right away. Personally, I need time to sort through my feelings. If I am forced to react, I never go with the right reaction.

I like this show, but I like shows about relationships. I want Kevin and Scotty to stay together and not do stupid things. I want Sarah to have wild encounters. I want Kitty and Robert to figure it out. I want them to drop the ego and address the problem. I am not sure how I feel about Nora and that guy, but it makes me happy, too. I know it is a TV show, but when things work out on the screen, I have bigger hopes of things working out for me. Enough with the bad behavior in relationships already.

Did you know that Laura Innes (Dr. Weaver, ER) directed this episode? She is directing? Good for her. I think she is great.

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Marci said...

Please to explain the title, I don't get it.

Also, agree that was a fantastic episode! Heart Scottie and Kevin.