Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is there life on Mars?

This will ruin the last show for you if you have not seen it, so go watch the show first and then come back to read this.

Wow. That was not what I had expected at all. So his "family" is really the people at the 1.2.5. I like how the little things came together, like why Windy kept calling Sam 2B. I guess I did not expect the title of the show to be literal. The Obama girl president thing was a bit hokey for my taste, but I like the turn of events. The weird little robots were the computer glitches? I dunno.

Well, I respect the fact that they completed the story. I always was proud of Twin Peaks for not extending just because the show was popular.

So, all in all... the ending was a bit cheesy, but it worked and I am mostly okay with it. It does not compare to the clever writings of the whole show and it felt a bit contrived, like they were attempting to quickly explain everything. Still, they managed to complete it and that is wayyy better than how Journeyman ended. (Why was he jumping all over time?).

Good show.

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