Thursday, April 9, 2009


The baby pictures are always cute, though I remember thinking that David Cook looked exactly the same. Ryan Seacrest was a goofy looking kid, but dang if Randy was not adorable!!

I love this episode for the baby photos, but hate it for the fact that it makes me feel old. I remember the songs they sing that are from their birth year. AND the oldest kid is Danny Gokey, born in 1980! 80!?! I was seven. Ack.

He is singing Stand by Me and that was my first R rated movie that I saw in the movie theatre. I think I was 12 or 13. I can see Danny as a high school history teacher. Yawn. This song sucks. He is okay, but this is boring to me. These are some top songs of 1980, any of which would have been better. Apparently, I am the only one who was totally underwhelmed by it.

That guy is up. I don't think he is gonna have a full head of hair for much longer (sorry). He is mobbed by high clappers. Crap, I kind of like his version of a song I don't really like. Dang, I am starting to like him. Am I gonna have to learn his name? I even like that he is performing in the midst of all them chicks. Hmm, I am on a different path than the judges. They like those I hate and hate those I like (of all of the two that have performed thus far).

How many wigs does Lil own? I want to like this, but I am getting a weird vibe from Lil's version of Tina Turner. It is rather pageanty (oh my, am I channelling Simon?). I don't think she is gonna win anymore. I wonder what she is missing. Wow, the judges finally agree with me!

Anoop! So cute. But what is he gonna do to True Colors? Well, he miss-sang the lyrics, singing the darkness inside you can make you feel so strong, instead of small. That kind of changes the meaning of the song. The darkness making you feel strong is more of an anthem for sociopaths. I loved this song when it was on the radio when I was little. I used to record it and transcribe the words. Those words are still taped to the inside of the closet door in what used to be my room at my mom's house. Well, he sang it prettily and made it his own. I love him.

I dunno, maybe I am tired. I am not feeling any of these performances. I am kind of loving Simon for telling Anoop to not apologize for reacting to a criticism.

There is a blonde girl in a Kohl's commercial. (Takes place in a salon and they talk about Dana Buchman). Super cute. Look for her. I bet she gets a ton of work in the near future.

Ugh, it's Scott. I can't take him anymore. Wow, is he wearing mascara? Why is he still here? Blech. (He seems nice enough, but he sucks as a singer). Ha! He started to say he is versatile and they cut him off with the AI music. Ha!! Because he is not!

Allison is way cuter with dark hair. Oh no. Even Bonnie Raitt had a hard time making this song be awesome. Crap, I like Allison's voice in this. Wow. "I can't make you love me" would be a great song to be kicked out with. But she is going nowhere, because that was fabulous! Dang. Her voice is great for that.

Sloth! He sure likes his jeans snug. He does not quite bear the physique to justify his predilection. This was good. I feel like he tried to do too much with it. Had he simplified just a wee bit, it would have been fantastic.

It is a good thing that I recorded Fringe, or else I would have missed Adam Lambert. Well, I don't suppose I would have been too fraught by it. But here it is. Lucky me. (Though I think he might do well with singing Queen. Wonder if he will tackle that in this show's run).

Why are they showing ads for "Chicago" with images of the original cast?

Randy can't button his shirt, but he makes fun of the kids for the finger waving, too. I am liking him more and more.

Adam Lambert liked to wear capes and not play sports. Hmmm, would never have guessed (though I was a drama nerd, too). He is tackling a fabulous song. His girlish voice is sucky. This song can't be redone (again, I mean. The Donnie Darko version is beyond amazing.) This guy is a schmuck. I hate his version. I don't like his falsetto. Go listen to this version and see why. The song is haunting, not creepy. Adam Lambert is grody. Bah. Gary Jules liked Adam's version. Do the boys from Tears from Fears like it too? Am I alone in my distaste for Adam?

Go rent Donnie Darko! That is a fantastic movie!

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