Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So ballad you could make it*

I just realized that I have written about AI 22 times. That does not include the times I wrote about this show on my other blog. I am a bit of a loser.

They are using Quentin Tarantino as mentor this week and they called him an icon (or something like that). He may have made (help make?) two of my favorite films: Reservoir Dogs and Four Rooms. He is still an ultimate nerd. They are going to sing songs from films. Hmmm. Whatever will they sing?

I feel like Anoop is leaving us this week. I am sad. I don't see him as THE winner, but I do like him. Allison is up first and she sings Aerosmith "Don't wanna miss a thing". I hate this song. It is so boring. She has such a great thing going for her and manages to keep me interested even when she is just kind of whispering the song. She has talent. She also has stage presence. I am only worried with her raspiness that she may destroy her singing ability. But she is great.

NOOOP!! He nailed! Quentin was right in him needing to nail the harsh words in that song to capture the emotion and it was good! Yay.

Adam "DB" Lambert is up. They say they like his versions. Um, they are other people's versions that he appropriates. He can suck my arse. He is not creative. He just takes other people's creative visions as his own. He is the Madonna of AI. But heck, look how far it took her. Still dislike him. He abused the heck out of my ears with that crappy falsetto tonight. Nononononononononononononononononono.

Matt Giraud. Another Canadian prime minister song. He did this beautifully, or would have had he sang it more simply. His riffs put him off tune at times and took away from the beautiful melody. I like Sloth, but I feel like he could simplify. But at least his falsetto does not put me in a coma, Adam.

Danny Gokey sings Endless Love like he is just learning it. He ended it really well, but the beginning seemed off to me. He was coming in on notes badly, not quite sure where it was supposed to be. Once he got into it, though, it got really good.

Crap, I am going to have to learn That Guy's name. He is singing Falling Slowly from Once. I want to sing his harmony on this one. Dang. I love this song. I think I want to not know him because of the weird things he does with his mouth. Crapitty Crap. I like Kris. Dangly dang. I like what he did with the song.

Last but maybe not least is Lil. I like her and I had such high hopes for her, but I think she may be in over her head within this competition. Well, let's see what she does. Man, they are all ballady. Ugh. She keeps warping her notes and sounds like she was left out in the sun. Lil is becoming a mannequin for her wigs. I think she is going home. This is awful to me.

I am now officially a Tarantino fan. He seems like he would be fun to work with.

Bottom three: Lil, Sloth and Anoop. (Though I think Anoop should be replaced by Danny)

Lil Rounds is going home.

*Worst title ever. I was trying to do a play on words as in so glad you could make it... Sigh.

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Marce said...

I was just coming here to ask how the save works....and then AI answered my question. So, thanks?