Thursday, April 9, 2009

Take one down, 7 idols left.

I forgot to guess who was gonna leave. Um, bottom three: Scott, Lil, Danny. Scott is going home. If he doesn't, then the people are voting for the wrong reasons in a singing competition.

I am gonna go ahead and speed through most of this episode because they have Kelly Pickler and Flo Rida performing.

Are Paula and Simon doing it? Because they keep touching and looking at each other. Plus, they are very sassy to each other.

Is that Frankie Avalon? He looks phenomenal. And still sounds great. How old is he? He is almost 70. People are aging well.

What the hell? Was Lil lost? Did she blow the opening of the group song? They sound horrendous! Still hate the group song. Oh, and maybe that guy might be in the bottom three. Based on the group song, I would kick them all out and start all over.

AI contestants have been doing Ford commercials for years and I have yet to see one televised outside of AI. Heck, Scott does an amazing Simon impression. I would have thought that Adam would have been a better actor, but he looked stiff to me and I don't recall seeing Anoop in the commercial at all. (I do like that Adam seems gracious).

Oh man, is Anoop going to the bottom three? :( Maybe it is That Guy that will wind up there. But we all know that Adam ain't leaving. Aw, Anoop! Noooo. The Indian/American boys are having a rough week. Kutner (Kal Penn) committed suicide on House this week. Now they put my precious Anoop Dawg in the bottom three? Heavens to Murgatroid.

They just showed a Ford commercial and it was not an AI one!!

Okay, I was wrong with Danny in the bottom three. It is Anoop. But I still think that it is Scott going home, and no. They won't save him.

Kelly Pickler does not sound that great either... But I think Simon may have suddenly discovered her talent.

Well, it is Scott. And to save himself he sings "How can I convince you that what you see is real". Sorry, hon. You seem like a really nice kid. But it is time for you to head home. G'night! (And good luck).

Thank you America!

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