Thursday, April 16, 2009

I think I am cranky this morning

Dang it, I am finding that I like Adam Lambert as a person. I just can't stand him performing. And now they bring on Jennifer Hudson. Hopefully it is for her to return her Academy Award and apologize for screaming at me in that awful movie.

She is weird in her performance. It's like she is out of breath and she keeps looking around like she is waiting for someone she needs to smack to come up to her. (Is she looking for Simon?) And there it is. She is shrieking at me again. She looks confused and sounds kind of pitchy, dawg.

I wonder if their ear pieces are not working because Miley sounds off tune, too. Maybe that is why Jennifer was looking irritated and fiddling with her ear. I did not realize how nasally Miley sings. She looks absolutely adorable. Her weird herky-jerky chicken dancing is not just demonstrated during her fast songs. Somehow she manages to dance that way to her ballady songs, too. It is funny to see a dolled up sixteen year old head bang to a slowish song.

Matt is voted off. Will they use the save? I feel like they might. They do. Sloth gets to stay. I wonder how this override of the public opinion will affect him and how people vote for him.

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