Wednesday, May 6, 2009

need new eardrums

Oh goodie. Rock week. This means the howler monkey will be in his element and I will be subjected to a swarmy screechy song. And he did not let me down. I think that the set is falling apart because his shrill voice is shattering glass and shredding the wires holding it in place. I am glad this show is almost over. (So why do I still watch? I am here to entertain YOU).

Allison should have sung Bobby McGee. I love that song. Cry Baby was boring.

I like the duet, but when they started hitting the song, they had a difficult time with staying in tune. But Kris and Danny sound great together.

I liked Kris' song. I am not much of a Beatles fan. I am also not on the same page as Kara. I thought he made a fairly repetitive song interesting without being shrieky.

Oh, man. Danny is now shrieking at me. Not as annoying as Adam, but damn near close. What is going on? Ugh. I bet they love him. Well, they seem to love screeching.

Allison/Adam duet. Screech/growl... Judges on feet...sigh.

Dunno who is going home. Everyone in bottom 3 except Howler Monkey.

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