Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a boys club

Paula performed tonight. I feel like we got a glimpse into Britney's future. Paula did a great job lipsyncing, I guess. They did the whole song basically in the dark. But her dancers did gamely hold the mic stand for her. Then at the end, they turned her mic on so she could wheeze "Gentlemen, I'm just here for the music!" into it. (To be fair, she really did not seem out of breath, but her mic was right under her nose and made sounds everytime she took a breath). I want to be so much funnier with this, but I am still suffering from the indignities of having ridden my bicycle home from work in the rain and not only having to huff and puff my way up The Hill (not the Capitol one), but also having a wet bum. So do me a favor and imagine this being way funnier.

Oh, ew. Paula has the Tori Spelling cleaved chest. And No Doubt is back together and announces with a frightening performance of a really old song? When she came down the stairs, Gwen reminded me of the spider walk from The Exorcist. And why is she doing pushups? Is this show a tribute to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which is a modern day Scrooged which was a modern (then) version of A Christmas Carol. Ghosts of performers past (No Doubt); Ghosts of performers future (Paula as Britney); um, and the final idol contestants as present? I dunno. This show is weird.

Nest week, the remaining kids get to go home and be celebrated. They showed some of the past contestants doing this and I did not recognize a bunch of them. If they are so great, why have they not done something with their careers? Hmmm? HMMMM? I am ornery again. Hmm.

First to be safe: pleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdampleasedon'tbeAdam
Yay! Kris is safe. Little monkey face. Who is that guy his wife is hugging?

Damn. I forgot to mutter "pleasedon'tbeAdam" and now he is safe. Crap.

I always find the songs they sing as their swan song appropriate. Cry, Baby.
Allison will do fine. My boss loves her.

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