Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I rolled my eyes so many times they rolled into the back of my head.

I was just going to have this be a one word entry with the word being either "Damn" or "Yay". But then we were exposed to the brutal murder of P!nk's "So What". Hearing Jasmine Murray singing tonight made me wonder how she got there in the first place. Then I thought for sure that Scott was either going to wildly flail himself off the stage, or be pushed.
Dean-Anthony Bradford... has the same singing technique as Adam. Seriously. Lil Rounds was watching the camera so hard and did not start performing until she was sure it was on. That sucks for some reason.

Hey, it's Jason Mraz. I sang one of his songs with a band last night. I forgot all of the words. I could only wooo along. I have new respect for singers. I am going to crash their show again next week and attempt to sing a Paramore song. Hope I can recall the words. It was my first public singing (that no one could hear - whatever, I still sang in public).

Oh, someone got her boobs done. When Ryan said she ought to go out there and perform, I really expected to see a stripper pole descend from the rafters. Kara schooled bikini girl and showed she has an equally hot body. (The subsequent attempts at closing her dress were an added level of hilarity, especially when paired with the bitchy sidelong glances Katrina gave her).

Damn, Cyndi Lauper looks fabulous. She makes me want to go platinum again. She and Allison were great together. I have the words to "Time After Time" taped on the inside of the closet doors in my childhood bedroom. They are at bellybutton level which I assume was my eye level at the time of their taping.

Based on the last Ford commercial, Kris is a way better singer than Adam.

Oh yay! Crazy is back!!! Oh, she was not that entertaining.

The finale song was great. I liked them singing Queen. I even could listen to Adam singing for a second.

Well, here goes....


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