Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's almost over. Yay. a

I am so over this season. It has taken me until tonight to watch last weeks shows. I can't figure out why people like Adam Lambert. His screeching is not talent. We got over the hair band sound in the 90's. I hate the timbre of his voice. Ech. And he will probably win. Strangely, all week there has been no info about who was booted, but I am thinking Gokey is gone. Oh, who cares. If Adam Lambert is an American Idol, then I am no longer a fan. His screeching is not fantastic, nor is it talent. It's just screeching. Dis.Like.

I am now watching the Wed's show and I see my new favorite person, Bill Hader. HADER!!! Oh, there is Jonah Hill. I saw you singing "Waterfalls" in Koreatown in LA. Dawg, YOU were pitchy. Oh. fast forward. Having a nine year old flick his groin at me is not pleasant. There have to be better was of promoting donations to third world countries.

I feel like Adam Lambert would become a major douchebag if given fame. And is it me, but is Katy Perry as annoying as Adam Lambert will be next year?

Okay, Kris is in. But you all know this already. Please let him win the whole thing!

Hey Danny, I think you have a career if you want it. Just go get it.

Okay, now I am watching this Tuesday's episode. I have to listen to the howler monkey and the monchichi.

Adam is resinging Mad World. He doesn't connect with the song for me, but neither does the audience and that's why they love him. I don't get it. They love him singing it, but he does not sing with the sadness of someone who would sing those words. They love this presentation of the song, but it is not his. This version belongs to the Donny Darko people. And, yes, they mastered it. He kind of sucks for stealing their version.

Kris sang Bill Withers. He made it his own. That way beats Adam. Okay, Kris still is a bit of "that guy" for me, but I wayyyyy prefer him to the male Jennifer Hudson. Please, I don't want to see Adam's tongue anymore. I think the microphone agrees with me. (I think American Idol producers owe him a lot of money).

Oh look, I just spotted Katie Holmes and her child with L. Ron Hubbard, Suri.

Okay, seriously. In regards to popular music, Kris Allen is far more likely to appeal to a wider group of people. Adam Lambert only appeals to ex-hair band fans and those who would have like the hair bands, but were too young or too old.

Blech. Can't listen anymore. Bedtime. But, I veto Adam. Yucky. No!


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