Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top 13 - AKA Gingko Biloba

I write from a prone position on my big yellow couch. It is hard to type this way. Lil Rounds was just up and while I still think she will win, I was not too excited about her singing this song. Plus, her makeup made her look cross-eyed and her outfit was hideous. But, it ain't no body's bidness.

Who started the whole finger waving thing? I am going to have to watch the first season again. Why does it piss me off so royally? Maybe it is annoying to me because I don't vote.

Scott MacIntyre is the pride of Scottsdale? Is his brother named Dale? Can we puhleaze do something about his fro? Snore. This song is borrrring. Everyone thinks he is so great, but blah. I am snoozing. He should sing in those new Comcast commercials. They are boring, too. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is in the audience. Is this fare safe for her republican fetus?

Okay, Danny Gokey was a top contender. After his PYT, he IS the top contender. (Though I agree with Simon that he can't dance).

Michael Sarver is either flat or simply just under each note. It is like he almost hits the notes, but just falls short. Excuse me while I continue the nap I started while listening to Scott.

I hope someone sings "Smile". Jasmine Murray is so cute and has a nice voice, but something is missing and I don't know what it is.

Kris Allen. I am still sleeping. Randy is channeling Paula. He said "Very well job done, baby!" And the wife looked pissed when Simon said that Kris should have kept her under wraps longer.

Allison Iraheta could have put more emotion into this song. This is a great song for a more mature person. She sang the song okay, but missed the point altogether.

Anoop Desai rules. I think he would have sang this better 1/2 an octave lower. He should have sung Smile.

Jorge Nunez is creeping me out.

Megan Joy Corkrey looks a little like Belinda Carlisle and Reese Witherspoon in addition to the Aussie Real World chick and Johnny Depp's woman. But she has no business being in this competition. "Caw, Caw"? Has she ever heard a robin before?

Adam Lambert. Dislike. Not excited to have him shriek at me some more. Too bad they already made Dream (Scream) girls. Maybe he can be in the sequel and win an ill gotten Academy Award, too. Bah! This guy is going to stick around forever just because I hate him. Why do they love him so?

Why does Ryan know what a hurkey is?

Matt Giraud, aka Sloth, aka li'l JT sings a great song. That was great. Here is a Baby Ruth for you!

Ooh, Dirty Diana. I love this song. Man, I forgot how great some MJ songs are. Alexis Grace is rocking this!

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