Monday, March 23, 2009

Sucks watching when you already know who is booted.

Who is the scary harmonica player sitting on the edge of the stage? Is this his performance? They focus more on him than on Michael Sarver. I like Michael, but I can't see him winning this. His daughter (?) did not seem to like his performance.

I love the raspiness to Allison's voice. The next guy is so bland to me that I don't even recall his name. I love me some Lil Rounds. Honestly, this girl should just be removed from the show and given a contract.

Augh, I really dislike Adam Lambert. He skeeves me out. I know that everyone else seems to love him, but yuck. I am glad that Randy Travis seems to feel the same way I do. I always liked him. Ech, listening to him makes me feel contaminated. I wonder what spurs this visceral hatred from me. Ugh. Make it stop. Oh no, and he is wearing jeans with the exposed zipper. Tacky.

Scott MacIntyre is no good. Enough already.

I really like Alexis Grace, but I already know she is going home. I wish she would have connected to the desperation of the song more into her performance. It is a shame that Alexis is going already. I would think Scott or the guy whose name I can't recall should go before her.

Danny came out super weak, but he sold it. He engaged me enough to allow me to ignore the beginning. Plus, he is rather charming. I agree with Simon in regards to his outfit. That white jacket sucks.

ANOOP! J'adore. Dunno what it is about him that I find super appealing, but yay, Anoop! Sometimes Paula is super nerdy. But she looks good again. Anoop was great! The song could have gotten boring and he managed to keep it exciting and sweet.

Megan Joy. She is kind of one trick pony, like me when it comes to AI. Whoa... what is up with the boob sacks on that dress? Her twisty dance seems to be getting weirder, too. I think she is trying to reel it in, but forgets.

Sloth is really growing on me.

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