Sunday, March 8, 2009

Results of final set of 12

I said that Lil Rounds, Jorge Nunez, and Kendall Beard were my top three. Let's see whether America agrees with me or not. Paula looks great. She was on her game during the last show. What is up?

Really? Katy Perry as their group song? They don't even sound that bad. Kendall needs to stop performing for the Miss America pageant. They ended it on a pageanty note. I hate the group songs.

blah blah blah. Make cuts already. I don't want to waste anymore time on the people who are going home.

Will they make others stand up with Lil Rounds? Nope. It was obvious that she was going through. I love her. I could see her winning the whole thing.

I think Scott is going through. I am not too very excited about this. They are getting rather formulaic in how they let people go. I can totally guess who is going to the top twelve. See? I would not buy his cd.

Last one. I think it will be Jorge. But yay, Von is going away, barring any wild card crap. That sucks that he brings Ju'Not and Jorge down to the center of the stage because one has to walk back to his seat. That one being Ju'Not. I like how Scott's brother gets to be on the show all the time to help him get around.

I wondwer who the eight who get to sing again will be. Lemme guess... (these are based partially on my hopes, but also on my perception of what the judges seemed to like).

In no particular order:
Ju'not Joyner
Kendall Beard
Jasmine Murray
Megan Joy Corkrey
Kai Kalama
Mishavonna Henson
Anoop Desai- Yay! Noop Dawg
Ricky Braddy Crap. I knew they loved him. Not me so much.

FRACK! They picked Von Smith. The Kewpie doll. I hate him. ACK!

Whaa? They picked the crazy? I am confused, but secretly elated to see Tatiana "el pollo loco" Del Toro picked.

They picked Sloth? (Matt Giraud). I 'spose I am okay with this.

Jesse Langseth. I wanted to put her in my list, but did not think they would choose her. I am glad.

(Pick Anoop! Noop!) YES!!!

50% right... Hmph.

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