Thursday, March 26, 2009

Called it.

I like results shows because I can fast forward through most of the shows' posturing and the ridiculous group song. Ech. I don't need to deal with all of Ryan's chatter, so I fast forward until I see who the bottom three are and who goes home. Enough for me. Maybe I am missing some clever musings, but I doubt it.

Season two winner is here? Clay Aiken?

I think that Paula flashed the "loser" sign at Ryan. I thought she was beefing with Simon. I still think they do occasionally get a room.

Man, Ruben's sweating puts Whitney Houston's to shame. Here I thought she held the crown for onstage sweating. I guess everyone gets dethroned eventually. One time, I went to NYC and saw Rent. Ruben and Clay were in the audience, just a few rows from me. They went to see Frenchie who was on AI with them. Clay: super social. Wandered through the crowd and chatted with people. Ruben snuck through the back after the show started. Because he is soooooo famous.

Sloth is bottom three? I bet it is because those jeans he wore demonstrated too much of his "talent". We are just not ready for that kind of exposure from you.

What a sucky walk that must be... To the loser chairs.

Is anyone else a little disturbed by the duet with Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson? He looks like an overeager old man whose overt advances on a young girl don't matter because he is just so old; yet if she let him, he would slobber all over her. Ew. (He's not even that old). Joss is feeding into it. Not helping. But British girls are crazy.

Megan Joy must be paying people to call for her. And enough with the sympathy vote already.

Hey! They did not do a group song. But they did bring out Stevie Wonder. When I see him, I think of the episode of The Cosby Show he was on. He still sounds great. Sad about his hair, though. Soon those braids will be two pigtails, the way his bald spot is growing.

Ugh, as if I needed more ammunition, the Screecher is dancing to Stevie like a hula dancer on Ecstasy. Ugh. Oh, awkward dancing, Megan. Awkward!

Aw, Michael will be okay. He seems like such a nice fella. Plus, his daughter will be happy to have him back home. Maybe it is guttural interpretation of the song that made us all mad. Whatever, bye.

I am gonna post this before the judges vote because they ain't saving him.


Buggie said...

It would not have mattered anyway as the show was cut off before they declared their stance. Looking it up on Google...
thought so

Anonymous said...

YES!! YOU do 'get it'! Clay WAS the real winner of AI2. Two producers admitted he received eighty percent of the vote EVERY SINGLE WEEK HE WAS ON! Which means, when there were several finalists Ruben received a very small percentage of the vote (remember he was in the bottom two once or twice) and most likely received less than 20 percent of the vote during the final vote. But..due to the fact that finalists UP TO SEASON 3 had just ONE phone line and two hours (both doubled for subsequent seasons) for votes to come in--very insufficient for the millions of votes TRYING to get in for Clay. Ruben's sweating-poor guy; it was getting into his eyes (as it did during AI2 competition when he wasn't wearing a hat). And..why no chatter with him last night? His touring with Ain't Misbehavin'; his newest cd coming out soon??? No promo??? A 'hint' that they all knew he was NOT the 'winner'??? Clay was always chattered up with each guest appearance (more than any other prior contestant).
And--Megan didn't hit ONE note Wed. night and she didn't get sent packing??? What's with America?? Dumbing down more than ever?????

Martigyrl said...

gawd,It's not even light outside yet, and you got me laughing my butt off here. The 2 pig tail comment cracked me up. I am pretty sure now, that you and I saw the same damn show. I don't know what others saw.haha
Thank you so much for the early morning musings. Totally enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

The "show" has less than zero class now. And far too many supposed discoveries already established in one way or another in "the business". WTF is up with that?!