Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Patricia Field"

It's episode three of America's Next Top Model, season 15, I think. So, ostensibly we should have 14 current supermodels thanks to Tyra and her band of merry men. Alas... So Tyra is mixing it up Italian Vogue this season and reaching for the heights of TOP model. This is great as Tyra is so clever and never gets clich├ęd.
Par example:
2st episode: Catwalk for fashion show was several stories off the ground. (That's soo top model!)
3rd episode: Girls are fallen angels and are strapped into a harness.

Dear Tyra, you don't have to be so literal.

There is one girl, Rhianna, who looks like a leprechaun.

But I want to talk about Anamaria. She was kicked off last week. This child stated that she is on a severe calorie restricted diet. She likes how she looks and works hard to stay so slim. Then she added that her mum wants her to gain some weight. At her photo shoot, she looked like an Auschwitz survivor. I took this picture off of the TV which does not show how very scary skinny she is.
You could see her pelvic bone. Her elbows are bigger than her arms. She's 5'10" and weighs about 110. Gross. During her elimination Tyra tells her that she is very slender and that is not good for modeling. She goes on to say that Anamaria could be the most healthy girl, and other lame ass platitudes that make it okay for Anamaria to continue on her self destructive path.

This little girl is going to starve herself to death. And Tyra had an opportunity to do something about it. Tyra had a chance to take a firm stance against anorexia and did not take it. Unacceptable.

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