Friday, September 24, 2010


I am not thrilled about watching this new comedy "Running Wilde". It just looks kind of stupid to me. I hate how they got all clever to name the kid "Puddle". The fact that the show is being told from this kids point of view is an interesting convention, but not one I am certain of thinking highly of.

I really love Will Arnett, but I feel like he needs a talented cast around him to keep his characters from becoming too over the top, or just simply too much. I like Keri Russell, but... well... I really don't have anything to say about her. I did love Waitress.

I would not even be watching the pilot if it were not for it being on right after Raising Hope which is another one I am on the fence on (leaning a bit more towards like than not, though). So here goes. I am gonna watch this show and then we can can discuss if I have changed my opinion.

Already we start with a voiceover... Ugh. It's a bit heavy-handed being told the story from the girl who does not talk. I have to admit that I lost interest pretty quickly and opted to wash my cat's water bowl instead. When I came back, there were natives in a pool.

I dunno about this show. It's not very sophisticated. I hate that networks think that American viewers are stupid. There is a sweetness between the two leads, but I am not thinking I will be back to see how they progress.

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