Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Town

Wow. This movie was non-stop action. It was violent. It was fast-paced. It was so much more.

This was an incredibly well written film. The stress level is flying off the roof, and they manage to bring a line in that makes you laugh and still stay true to the storyline and the characters. None of the characters are left hanging. In other words, everyone we meet is important and their story is completed, at least enough for us viewers to be satisfied.

Ben Affleck does a gorgeous job directing. He goes from a super saturated look, to black and white. Intense noise to dead silence. He uses these conventions carefully to create an extremely compelling film.

It's a Boston film, but not a Bahston film. The accents (save for maybe Blake Lively's) are not painfully noticeable. It just happened to take place in Boston.

Great story. Great film. Go see it. (Ben Affleck is getting sexier with age).

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