Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raising Hope Pilot

Raising Princess Beyoncé Hope.

Wow, so much happens in the first ten minutes of this show. It's tightly written and kept me engaged.


It's a shame they kill off the baby momma so quickly because the girl who plays her is super cute.

I love Martha Plimpton and I am so glad to see her in something again. She was briefly on a couple of episodes of "The Good Wife" and was great. I am glad she gets a meatier role. And she gets to say things like "dramastically".

They nail the poor white people family. (I try not to use white trash, because it is so very derogatory, but were I to use it in the colloquial sense, it would fit here.)

I think this show is so wrong, it's right and hopefully will continue with the "Omigosh, they didn't" type of chuckles.

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Buggie said...

Holy smokes, that's Bijou Philips who plays the baby momma.