Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to School

The Middle! I kind of love this show. I think I may even like it better than Modern Family. Scandalous thinking on my part, I know. I love the family dynamics here. I love the weirdness. I love Sue's optimism, Brick's bookishness (bookishness), and well, I think Axel wandering about in his boxers is unnerving. But you can't win them all. Let's see what the Hecks are up to.

When I was little school always started on or around my mom's birthday, which she considered to be the best birthday gift. I never understood. Wasn't she sad that her baby was leaving her?

The show opens on the end of summer and the madness that is the first day of school when you are the parents of three kids.

Ha! Sue's middle name is Sue. That's great.

This is another show that uses voiceover. Here, however, it works as we are in Frankie Heck's head as she lives her life as a mom. I feel like she is how I would be if I could ever roofie someone long enough to marry me and help me bear their children. Or maybe I just relate because I think I was (still am?) Sue Sue Heck. She gets to be in on the all inclusive Cross Country team. She wears her new team sweatshirt all the time, even though it is way too hot. I would do that.

As for Frankie (the mom), she opts to try to get ahead of problems. This leads to mayhem. I would do this and this would happen. Sigh.

This is a great show. Watch it.

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