Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SNL Katy Perry (Host-Amy Poehler)

Katy Perry is a beautiful girl. I have not figured out why she is so desperate to be a cartoon. She sang "California Gurls" to a New York crowd, and seemed surprised when they did not respond to her "Come on" (and sing California gurls).

She did not sound bad. She started a little wobbly, but she figured out pretty quickly that she could stop singing the whoa-oh-oh- parts and leave that to the recording she was singing along to. In short, she sounded like I do when I sing along to the radio, except a little better.

She sounded great on the Teenage Dream song. (I love that song). I was prepared to say that she does not have a great voice, but she sang the hell out of the Boogerman song.

This entry took a turn. I was all, whatever Katy Perry, when I started. But she was cute. And I love how she poked fun at the Elmo debacle by wearing his face stretched across her massive boobs.
Well played, Perry.

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