Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am the TV show whisperer. Listen to me!!

Now that I have finally learned what "Jump the shark" means, I want to declare that Ghost Whisperer has officially jumped the shark. It was bad enough when they killed off Aisha Tyler because she is awesome and interesting and so much prettier than Camryn Manheim which matters to me as I am very shallow.
They killed Jim? How lame. The relationship between Melinda and Jim was one of the reasons I tuned in. It is nice to see two people maintaining their individuality while still being a good couple. Killing Jim was bad enough but then he climbed into someone else's body? What did the actor do to piss the writers off?
Gah. I could totally guess how the episode was going to progress. I am close to vetoing this show from my list even though it makes me cry every single week. (Hey, I may be shallow, but I am a sappy sucker, too). I am double mad because Jim climbed into the body of a guy who was a lead on Jericho which means that Jericho is definitely not coming back and what is wrong with the Networks in that they are absolutely blind to good television (see Freaks and Geeks), but shows like The Biggest Loser have been on since 2004. Seriously, how many fatties are there for Jillian and Bob to beat into slimhood through weird television approved obstacles? (I had to look up their names because I watched this show once (as I will watch any show once) and Jillian would scare the weight off of me! But the dude seemed unnoteworthy and therefore I could not recall his name.
In any case, Ghost Whisperer... what the heck? Maybe they need some new writers? Or should just cancel before it sucks royally and I am forced to come back and delete this entry because I can't have anyone know that I actually watched this dribble drivel. SEE? It's making me dumber already!

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