Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Letter to New Amsterdam creators:

Okay, you guys tricked me. I thought this show would suck based on the pilot, but you redeemed yourselves in the second episode. We learned that the man is indeed fertile, yet a doting father, keeping his aging kin around him to do stuff for him. I think I would do the same. Still, I am worried that maybe some of his children were born without his knowledge and as it seems he has been in NYC forever, how could he not have "run into" one? (Forgive my crassness). John Amsterdam is growing on me. Suddenly he is handsome. (This always takes me a while to decide). But he is. And the actor is Danish. Did not expect that! I still think this is a fairly unattractive cast, but maybe I am starting to appreciate it? (Say it ain't so! I am okay with my shallowness).
I'm sold. Bring it on. But don't make it stupid. And stop showing me those Native American women who say he won't die. I get it. Boring.

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Buggie said...

And now that I am in, the network cancels it. Hollywood sucks.