Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Where's the Beef?"

Dominique looks like a bit like Lisa D'Amato from Cycle 5.

Fatima has some issues. She is such a bitch. Ugh, I no likey. She is worse than the crappy "supermodels" of the 90's. Amis skipped..? Are these people just here for their 15 minutes of fame?

This is the cattiest group of people I have ever seen. I have that shirt, the one that Melvita has on. It looks better on her. Sigh. Ha! Dominique just called Whitney white trash. Hey kettle. I generally like the drama, but this is a bit much.

I feel like Claire is going to win this whole thing. But if Lauren can learn how to walk, she really has a great look.

Aimee does not like to get naked in front of others. Being a model is being naked all the time. Slipping in and out of clothes blackstage means nudity.

Oh, Fatima is going home. And Claire won the runway, I think. Nope. Katarzyna. Meanwhile, all the girls are talking about what Jaslene said to them (Amis: She said something really important to me, wait I forget what she said exactly.) I think her comments will inspire Lauren to get help with her walk.

Um, are they trying to say that Jay Manuel is a hunk of beef? Questionable. This is disgusting. Whose idea was this? Oh, Amis is going home. She is so bizarre. I want to like her, but she is throwing this chance away. Hey, she is being seen by a ton of people. Maybe this is her foray into acting? Damn, though, I thought Fatima would go.

Why is Tyra singing? What's going on? Tyra is commenting on how great everyone looks. I think she is setting Amis up for a massive roasting! But I love her (Amis) picture.

Anya looks like an old Jewish Polish man.

My picks:
Bottom two: Amis and Fatima.

Going home: Fatima.

Call order:

Bottom 2:
Fatima and Amis
Going home:
I kind of want Fatima to stay for the drama. And she is.
Goodbye Amis. You can go back to being Amy. Best wishes on the comedy circuit.

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