Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Amsterdam Pilot

I have been looking forward to this show. They started promoting it last summer. So it had better be good because I know an attorney and am feeling litigious.

Starts off with a “Grey’s Anatomy” voiceover, dead people, sexy time, and a violent dream. Okay! Let’s go!

Why do immortal people always wear long black trench coats?

I’ll bet this guy can’t use email. He is still using one of the first cameras! My old boss was in his 50’s and he could not email. (Hell, we were lucky he could turn his computer on). This guy is 100s of years old. I’m gonna bet he can’t send an email.

Ew. He touched blood with his bare finger. Remember becoming blood brother/sisters with your best friend? You’d both prick a finger and the hold them together as your bond with them was made thicker than mud. Who was that I become blood sisters with…?

He can’t die until he finds “the one” and their souls are wed. I feel like I have that curse, too. My mom thinks I will find my true love in the nursing home. Super.

The people on this show are too normal looking. Where are the abnormally stunning medical professionals or confusingly gorgeous medical examiner? (I am not warped by television casting). Yikes, even the bartender has lost the genetic lottery. Some people are going to love this. Not me. I like to live temporarily in a world where even the homeless people are hot.

So far, I think I like “Woman’s Murder Club” better. (I think that WMC was cancelled. Bastards). I also liked Journeyman, but I think they cancelled that too. I am mad about that especially because I wanted to see if I could get used to the fact that the lead character “Dan” sounds just like Alan Alda.

I wonder if this guy is fertile. If so, how many little Amsterdams are running through the world? And do his great grandchildren have grandchildren by now? Has he accidentally had a “run-in” with one of his offspring?

The show had a cool photo montage of Times Square. I believe it was the Gridiron Building.

This show has no real emotion. It does not pull me in. They had an opportunity to delve into Amsterdam’s emotions with the old woman recognizing him, but they mostly brushed it off. It’s like they want us to think there is a ton under the surface, but refuse to do anything to prove it. So we are stuck with an empty shell of a show, where the shell is not even that attractive. I am not sold.

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