Monday, November 17, 2008

Season 5, Episode 7: Business Trip

Pam's back on The Office. That's great. Who does not like Pam? While I think it is realistic that she would decide to not retake the computer class, I hate that she didn't. What are 12 weeks in the greater scheme of things? Does this mean that she is just going to go back to being Pam the receptionist /object of Scranton desire?

Michael went to Winnipeg. Nice. I loved how he talked to, how do you say, Marie (?) the Concierge. That is how Jen spoke French in Quebec. She, however, said it with a, how do you say, French accent. Good times!

When is that idiot who is engaged to Angela going to figure out that she is a wild mynx in bed with Dwight?

I am not feeling very clever, so that is all you get today.

The end.

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