Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I first noticed it back when watching Dharma and Greg. It was more difficult to come by in those days. I had to pause my VCR and slowly forward the tape in order to get rid of the tracking lines so I could read the words. In the days of a DVR, life is much simpler. Well, maybe not life, but certainly reading Chuck Lorre's wise words.

I love Big Bang Theory. I think it is one of the most clever shows on TV. I loved the episode where they mixed corn starch (or some derivative... What do I know, I am no physicist) mixture and let it bounce around on a Saran Wrap covered speaker. It looked like a little dancing Michelin Man. Hilarious. I loved the new take on Paper/Rocks/Scissors that was on the show tonight. They added lizard and Spock. Nice. These are the simple things that change the American cultural collective.

I will admit to being horrified at the way Johnny Galecki and guest star Sara Rue were rubbing saliva all over each other. The noises! I will have to sleep with the radio and the fan on tonight. Yuck. I hate TV kissy noises. And the way they dive after each with mouths agape and tongues a-flailing. It's like two mama birds with some weird attempt at trying to feed each other, while violently defending their own flock. (Hmm, maybe not the best analogy, but it's late and I am tired and you are just going to have to make due).

I like Chuck Lorre. I think he is clever and funny and witty and smart. I like that he is not afraid to say what he means even though he does seem to get censored a lot. If you have never noticed or never read his Vanity cards that are run after his shows, you can read them here (except for the censored ones. If you know where to find those, let me know!).

Companies that owe me money for having been advertised on this blog:
Saran Wrap
Chuck Lorre Productions

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