Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My trip to LA was not like this at all.

Oh man, I had the most wicked crush on David Duchovny when he was on the X-Files. My ex bore a slight resemblance to him, even. Hmm. That's a little disturbing. I have a crush on Jensen Ackles from Supernatural now. Wonder if that means I am going to find someone that resembles him. That would not be too shabby because he sure is purty. (If you look like him, email me:)

I have been watching Californication and lo and behold, the crush remains. My crushes seem to lie dormant when the one in question is not in sight. Much like my crush on Simon Cowell that fades away between seasons and then flares up like a cold sore at the premiere of American Idol.

This show, Californication, blows me away (forgive the terminology). The things they do! The nakedness they display, not only in body but also in their acting. I don't think I could run around so confidently naked in front of the cast/crew and every person that will watch the show including parents and possible future dates (not to mention nieces/children/friends). Still, it is remarkably believable and interesting. The show is not even really about sex, but rather the connections/issues/ties, etc. that it seems to bring. I love that one of the main characters never is naked (Natascha McElhone). I don't know how to feel now that I have seen Paula Marshall's boobies and one of my favorite actresses (Judy Greer) as a happy prostitute. Big departure from her role as Becky Freeley in Miss Guided.

The cheating makes me crazy in a Fatal Instinct kind of way. I would frickin' lose my mind if I were treated the way some of these characters are treated. The general lack of faithfulness (that is an extremely strong word for what I am trying to say here because there is very little attempt at even coming close to faithfulness) is really frustrating to me. I can't stand the fact many of the characters seem to have not even an inkling of remorse while cheating on each other.

Still, Hank Moody actually tries to be true to his lady, though he is quick to throw in the towel when they are not considering themselves a couple.

This show could be labeled as a gigantic misogynistic portrayal of Hollywood. But I actually believe that this is a pretty darn honest show and it is presented with a lot of heart. Finally an intelligent show that has made it to two seasons! Yay.

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