Monday, May 17, 2010


What is up with Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen)'s hair? Those are the worst extensions I have ever seen. They are like the pieces of lint that I yank forcibly from the dryer vent, or possibly whatever a long haired girl might have a plumber remove from her stopped up tub drain. Ew.

AND! the child is a sixteen year old actress playing a fifteen year old girl. What is going on with her boobs? They look like old cougar boobs, all squished up into her armpits. I don't get it. Are they fake? Is she heavily cutletted? Why the massive cleave on the tyke? She is truly the first young cougar I have ever seen.

What's with this show? These kids are all teenagers, yet they get carded less than I do. Yes, I realize Manhattan is a different world, but their parents seem to be free in the pouring of alcohol as well.

My niece is the same age as the Gossip Girl characters. She had better not be doing this stuff.

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