Monday, May 24, 2010

Will I be lost without it?

Live blogging the last episode of Lost!

I am wondering if I am going to be happy with the wrap up of this convoluted show. If it is a dream, I am gonna be pissy about it.

I kind of want to see sideways Ben get together with Danielle Rousseau and be step-dad to Alex.

Matthew Fox lives up to his name. Yum. He wants to stop doing TV and focus on films. I think he is more of a television actor. I don't really see him in film. Just my opinion.

Oh, we are going to find out who Shepherd's ex-wife/baby mama is. I wonder if they will go with Julie Bowen. Nope. Well! Juliet. Wait until Sawyer finds out.

Okay, wow. I had big plans of writing about the end of this series I committed six years of my life to. But... I have nothing to say. Nothing. Really? They're all dead? That's the best the could come up with? Bah. Boring. Besides, wouldn't everyone on that plane be in the church? And who was playing Jack's son? Was it some kid who died on the plane?

More unanswered questions. But my response is the same as to the finale. Whatever.

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