Thursday, August 4, 2011


I believe it is time for another rousing edition of Bug reacts to The Glee Project. After last week's devastating release of my personal favorite Marissa, I'm not sure who I am rooting for anymore. This episode ought to help push someone into my favor. Meanwhile, I will drink wine and eat Ruffles Molten Hot Wings potato chips. (Feel free to send me new flavors to test out, or reward my mention of your product with All Dressed chips which I know can be found in America's hat*.)

This week's topic is sexuality. I think Marissa would have been great on this. And poor Ireland's head would have exploded. By the way, why is he still on the show? I said good day, sir (in a poor Irish accent).

 I am afraid for my eyes during the homework assignment as these kids try to rape the guest from the stage every week. The Horror! Plus the nerdy seriel killer looking kid always does the same spastic dance which the show runners seem to think is spectacular and I think is an indicator of an imminent brain aneurism. I wonder how he will insert it into today's show. Maybe they should do a show called subtlety. THAT is something they could stand to learn. Hmm, they used the voyeuristic version of sexuality. They kept looking at Puck and Zizes and the casting guy as if they were expecting them to join in, perhaps?

Ugh! You have a girlfriend. We get it. Now, I am a big fan that he is loyal and true to her, but dude, you are an actor. You are acting. Sheesh. I think she will be okay with that and if not, you are going to have to give up one or the other. Ha! Ireland just said that he didn't think the scenes would be too sexual as it is Glee! Um, are we watching the same show?

The video: Teenage Dream - Katy Perry. Um, I thought the food in the kitchen was a little on the nose with Hannah. I'm sorry, but...
They cut so much that it never really went anywhere, for me. They stayed on Lindsay and Ireland the most, which made sense because they where the only ones that seemed to get the idea for the video. I didn't think the kitchen couple was flirting and Samuel seems to be a decent actor, but Alex not so much.  That was my least favorite video of them all.

My guess for bottom three: Alex, Cameron, Lindsay. I pick Lindsay because of her vocal limitations per Nikki. Cameron mostly because I don't really like him and he won't do what a director asks of him.

I don't know if I wrote this in my last post, but I think the kids who get to perform in front of Ryan are lucky. Even though they are called bottom 3 and have the possibility of going home, Ryan gets to know them and see if he can write for them. I think he is way more likely to cast someone he knows he can write for.

Hmm, I was wrong on Lindsay. The bottom three are whining about being in the bottom. Suck it up, honeys. The acting life is a tough one, full of nos and negative things.

I kind of love Alex. He is super queenie, which could go awry in my ever so humble opinion. Yet, he has something that I am thoroughly charmed by. I hope he can channel his feelings into being a better actor. If he could just tap into his vulnerable side, he could win.

I love how very supportive Robert and Zach are when these kids sing in the bottom three. They have proud papa looks on their faces and clap vociferously.

Oh, is Cameron quitting? I think that they might let him go, but Ryan's desire to write for a Christian kid overrides his ability to see that Cameron would not be a good choice to win. He is too young. Maybe in a couple of years after this girlfriend has promised to save herself for their wedding day, and winds up pregnant with twins from her Algebra tutor, who happens to be Cameron's arch nemesis, and twin brother, and he vows to sleep with all of her friends to get back at her, will he be able to be on Glee.


Haha. Ryan said he was sad because he felt that Cameron could have touched so many people. Isn't that why Cameron is leaving? He doesn't want to touch all of those people. And man! Ireland is like a cat. 9 lives. Always landing on his feet. But Cameron is a jerk for saying that he saved Ireland.

Cameron has to go tend to the bodies in his basement. ***

*I am just teasing!** I love Canada and everything it has to stand for. I am exceptionally grateful for the fantastic game Balderdash that hails from the Great White North. So no politely phrased hate mail, please.
**I am not, however,teasing about sending me these chips. Pleaseandthankyou.
***or crawl space. How would I know? He didn't talk about it on the show. 

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