Monday, August 15, 2011


Generosity. I am lacking that today. Well, let's make a judgment call at the end of this diatribe, shall we? Just started the show and I already know that Ireland/Dancing Eyebrows is going home. He is the least talented singer of the bunch. Plus, his eyebrows are weird. (As am I. I have been typing with an Irish brogue... Also, drinking wine which makes typing ever so difficult.)

I think this show has a multitude of layers. I think that even if Lindsay doesn't win, her personality will take a shift to the better. As for dreadlocks (why do I suck so bad at names? Oh, like you'll remember who I am talking about in the future anyway...), his attitude is wicked annoying. I hate people who are so "oh, woe is me" until they have a modicum of success, then suddenly turn into entitled beyotches. Blech and boring. I think he needs some training. But the problem with our current reality television star churning machine is that they don't suffer the indignities of failure before success as most talented people do. (Like ME! In one day I went to four (4) auditions. I was told that I was too fat, too slim. Too ugly, too pretty. Too American, too European. Nose too big. Face too small. Whatever! Those are the things that make you strong! Failure!!! Mean people! Going home to wine (heh, I mean whine) to your cat about yet another role you did not land until you land the role. Then it is on, mutha brothers! ON! Or you chicken out and go to work as an assistant at a defence, er defense firm. (How did I get infected with the British bug?) No judgment. Just saying. People should have to work hard to get that level of success.

Where was I? Diatribe over. Suddenly I am exhausted. Oh, I have to watch this show.

I think Lindsay will win. She's pretty. She really can sing. She can act. If she can get past her sociopathism (is that a word? Ah, it is now.) then she will be great. Alex is the female version of Mercedes. Ireland is awful and Samuel is a close second but... he is a one trick pony. (sultry song glare...)

Yay. It's smiley boy time. Zach Woodlee is so cute. Shh. Lemme enjoy this...


Seriously... SHHHH...

Okay, Lindsay is still an arrogant cow. Knock it off. And Ireland thinks that shrugging his shoulders is akin to playing the drums. I cannot type the sound that I am making. But seriously, Zach is cute! Even when he says things like "I do need them to take this a bit more seriously, though. It is Glee we are talking about".

They seem to be losing control. It's like the inmates running the asylum. That said, they used Lindsay's audio most and she came across in the video well. So, I stand by her. BUT they just said Ryan and game changer, so maybe they will use all of these kids... Oh, no. That's not it. They all have to perform. Okay... That was sooooo unexpected.

The vocal coach chick (who is sooo pretty) really dislikes Lindsay. It practically oozes out of her. I applaud her ability to make Lindsay not notice. I wish they would assign Charlie Chaplin's "Smile". I love that song.

Is Ian Ryan Murphy's boyfriend?

Ireland needs botox injections in his forehead to settle those eyebrows down! Smeh. My personality, my arse. Time for you to go home. Okay, just kidding. He is charming. But, buh bye, now. I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR!

Defying Gravity... Interesting choice for the girl they are attempting to get to change. "Something has changed within me." I think they are feeding her the win. Or they are trying to get her to quit on her own. ('Cause the song is about someone who bucks authority).

I dunno why, but Samuel has begun to annoy me. What is it? I think he is tedious. I think they all are, but maybe I just see something in Lindsay I can relate to (I too, am an insecure narcissist).

Whenever this show is over, I feel an urge to have an Itunes concert. "Isn't it grand? Isn't it great? Isn't it swell?"

Seriously!?! Ireland is staying? They're all staying? What's the point of that? Wimpy judges.

(Don't judge me as I am a little weepy for them. I am such a sap. Ugh)

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