Sunday, August 21, 2011


Final Four - Season one finale. Who is gonna win? Let's break it down, shall we? (alphabetically).

Alex: He is a diva, but he has talent. I just wonder if there is more than one layer to him? Also, he is just the male/gay version of Mercedes which could either make or break him. I would not tune in to see him (though I would watch anyway) because I don't think he is a very good actor.

Damian (aka: Ireland): He has been in the bottom three a lot. But that also means that Ryan has seen him often enough to be able to have thought about a character for him. His accent would make him a good candidate for the short character arc as he could be an exchange student. I think he charms Ryan, but he is not very talented. I am not a fan of his singing or his dancey eyebrows.

Lindsay: She's got the looks, the voice, the acting chops. She just needs to get out of her own way. I just don't know what Ryan would write for her. There is nothing that makes her quirky (obviously quirky).

Samuel: His smoldering gaze is the only look he's got. I liked him tons at first, but now I am bored and over him. He is a decent actor. But... meh. I can see Ryan liking him because he is different looking and he has the whole Christian thingy.

So they brought back all of the contestants.. So.. yay..

"We're taking all 12 of you to the top of a 35 story skyscraper in downtown LA" and then we are going to push you off one by one until we have a winner. Just kidding. Robert Ulrich only said the first part. But I know they are afraid! Actually, if I were the insurance provider for the show, I would be afraid. These kids are not the most graceful.

Lindsay feels like a Beatle. Well, the camera sure seems to find her a lot during the video. And based on the video, you would think that Marisa was still in it to win it.

I have no idea who is going to win, and where the heck is Idina Menzel? The other guest mentors are there. Punk.

Damnometer! Lindsay nailed it! Holy smokes! And it was so fun to watch the faces of the "audience".

Ireland picked a good song, and he is charming as heck! But he can't even snap for himself in rhythm. But his eyebrows are going in full force.

Samuel is cocky, or insecure, or something, but it is really interfering with his likeability. He should be a shoo-in by singing Jolene, because it is such an awesome song. The crowd seemed to like him.

Alex is coming out as Mercedes. I like his wig.

Time to decide. I still lean towards Lindsay because I do believe singing and acting ability is important. Zach just said that Ireland could be an exchange student. I bet if they cast Alex, he would play the role of a cross-dressing student who gets outed, or something.

Ryan is wearing my hat. Samuel won? Meh. Ireland won, too. Hmm. They all won? Lame-o. They just did that so they can actually keep whoever turns out to actually be the best fit on the show.

The end.

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