Monday, July 18, 2011


I am really into this show. I have to say that I am a proud "Gleek" Britney episode notwithstanding. (Though I did watch that episode again recently and did not hate it as much as I did the first time I saw it. Yep, drank the koolaid, I did.)

So they have culled the show of many of the people I thought were not meant to win. But every week we get to know these kids a little better and it makes it harder (or easier) to see them leave.

My current favorite is Marissa. She has been a solid, but quiet contender. As she is finding more success, we are seeing her sexy, booty poppin' side. I hope she can maintain herself so that her lips don't suddenly turn fuchsia. (That's an Emily reference, who went home in episode 2).

So they are doing duets this week. Awesome. They paired Ireland with Matheus. They sang The Lady is Tramp. (Which according to my mom, the song is about me). Their video was cute, but those two are hams and overacted their way to the end. Thank God the singing coach couched Matheus "rocker screams". Ugh, so don't need to hear that crap anymore. As for Ireland, I'm just not a fan. I don't know what it is about him, but no. He gives creepy looks, and sings like he's being muted. Just weird. Sorry.

They paired Hannah and Alex. I like her and I glad they taught Alex some humility last week, because he was on a train to divaville.

Ooh, I love the choreographers. She just told Hannah that everyone is sexy. Which, YES! So true. You just have to own it, baby. Find your sexy.

So Hannah and Alex are singing "Nowadays", a Broadway tune from Chicago, which was sung by two women. Oh no! They actually dressed Alex in drag? And what is that wig on Hannah's head? They are really forcing her to dig deep for the sexy. Sheesh! Alex looks good as a woman, and Hannah looks pretty, save for that wig... They bring a lot of sass, but not enough energy.

So now we get to see the video for "Don't You Want Me Baby" with Marissa and Samuel. The two frontrunners, if it were up to me. Crap, that's a hot video, and when she kisses him at the end, he dives in for more. She is a good actress. She gives a lot without doing too much. I really like her.

Finally we have Lindsay and Cameron. He is a little weird to me. He seems to be hiding a lot? I dunno. He makes me uncomfortable. And she is soooo cocky. Which is a shame, because she can back it up with talent and looks, but no one wants to be around that. Uh oh. She just felt the challenge of oomphing it up after seeing Marissa kiss Samuel. I see backfire coming? Let's see what happens. Oh, cute!! It was a cute video. She really is talented. He's pretty good, too. And then she lays one on him. It worked for me. Cameron has to go to confession, now. Wow, he is feeling serious guilt for Lindsay giving him an acting kiss. And my ex had no problem having a harem of women to do more than kiss. Interesting. But back to Cameron. He wants to be an actor? What's the plan? To have a lip double?

Okay, my bottom three would be Matheus, Ireland (what is that boy's real name??), and Hannah. I pick Hannah because she was overshadowed by Alex in the video. Let's have the real bottom three revealed: Oh, that's a game changer for sure! (Why is the choreography boy so cute?) Before watching them sing, I think Matheus is going home.

Hannah and Alex singing Valerie. They are sooo cute. I want more of them!!!!

Matheus and Ireland sing These Boots are Made for Walking. They worked well together but don't want more of them. And why does Matheus always wear his shirt unbuttoned to the naval?

I am officially a fan of Ryan Murphy. One, he tells Matheus not to listen to divas who will always try to bring you down. Then he calls Cameron out for getting kissed, crying, and then calling his mother. I like that he calls people out on their crap right away. It is intimidating, but at least you always know where you stand, right? So, are they going to have to do a final bottom three in addition to the duets?

Okay, off on my bottom three, though Matheus is going home. That I am sure of. But I love that they are teaching them how to be better actors, better people.

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