Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TV, my one true love

As everyone who reads my blog and/or knows me, I love me some television. Hell, I would marry it, if (insert group here) did not frown upon that sort of behavior. My television watching should not be for naught (not for naught... heh... ), and thus it has been decided (by me), to comment on the shows I watch. Perhaps I will throw in some films for good measure.
I cannot say with any sort of honesty that all the shows I watch are good. I thrive on ANTM, and fast forward through much of American Idol. I don't miss an episode of Medium, and am horrified to hear that they might cancel Veronica Mars!?!
I hated 30 Rock when it first aired, but I am cemented to the Big Yellow Couch for all episodes now. I recognize that Studio 60 is just The West Wing at Saturday Night Live, but I love it. I think it is quick and intelligent and lets me pretend to know about working on a comedy set. (Which would be so awesome.)
I watch a lot of television. Maybe now you won't have to.


Law-Rah said...

I love Medium! 'Specially the pudgy little daughter.

DCSportsChick said...

I heard that while they may cancel Veronica Mars, they might bring it back in a different version, where Veronica's aged a few years. I dunno, I don't follow the show. The only show I watch religiously is The Soup, because Frank never lets me have the remote.