Friday, March 30, 2007

Buy Buy Buy

My DVR hates me and thus I was left to stare mouth agape at the commercials. Commercials! They still make those? Even though I fast forward through them all? I used to get together with one of my friends every year to watch the Clio’s, the Academy Awards of the commercial world.
Since I was forced to watch them, I decided to discuss them.

1. GE wind commercials. I love the one where the kid gets on a hill to capture the wind in a jar and runs to his grandfathers side to help him blow out 100 candles on his cake. The looks on all of their faces when the wind blows out of that jar!! Brilliant.

2. Windows Vista WOW. I love to be wowed, and this commercial reminds me to stop and look every now and then. It's so simple. But I won't buy Vista.

3. Toyota Yaris. Hee hee, so cute! I want a Yaris, but only because of this commercial. They totally swiped the idea from "Spy vs. Spy", but brilliantly executed. Nicely done, Toy oh tah!

1. Volkswagon, Safe happens. Um, so if you buy a VW, you are guaranteed to be in an accident? You'll be okay, but it will happen. That's what I get from these commercials. No thanks.

Which ones do you love and which make you want to throw your shoe at the TV set?

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Laurie said...

You write very well.