Saturday, March 31, 2007

Expose. Season 3. March 28, 2007

Kiele Sanchez is hot. Who knew she had the pole skills? I loved all the cheesy sound effects they added to the "Expose" shoot. Swish goes the hat. Maybe Kiele forgot to turn off the cheesy acting for her death scene on the island. Hey! Maybe they can put her in the magic box, and wish her back to life... in her bikini... and trench coat...

When Sun asks Sawyer how Nikki got to the beach, I wish they would've referenced "Heathers" and he could have answered that she mumbled "Corn nuts", before her final death dance. BUT NO. Lost writers are not the same writers who write for "The Family Guy". They would have added that in for sure and then gone on a 23 second tangent about it.

Nikki (Kiele's Lost character) is a brazen fashion hussy, out searching the dirty island for her diamonds in a pair of white shorts! AND she manages to keep them clean. They would look khaki on me before I even got off the beach.

I liked how they refilmed some of the early stuff to show Nikki and Paolo. But, was Shannon suddenly wearing a wig, and if so, what did she do so drastically to her hair? Did she go all Britney for having been tossed off a hit show and then asked to leave Hawaii before she had a chance to get a DUI?

I can't wait to see how they get out this one. Will they dig themselves out? Will Nikki sift all that sand looking for each rock? Will the Lost writers leave us to suffer, knowing that they were buried alive?

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