Friday, April 27, 2007

Is that what I think it is?

I was procrastinating writing my paper and thus found myself on the big yellow couch with a nice wine and Grey's Anatomy. Then I saw this:

Um, what the hell is that? Is that...? Could it be...? Would they show that on public television? Seriously, what else could it be? Where the heck were the ABC censors on that day? America gets up in arms about Janet Jackson's funky boob at the Superbowl, but seeing THAT is okay? I'm just saying.

Later in the show Meredith is taking her shirt off for Dr. McDreamy, but they show nothing. So a woman producing a show protects the skin of a woman and exposes the danglies of a man. Fascinating.


Anonymous said...

it's his head, he bends over to pull down his pants.

Buggie said...

Okay, yeah. Lets go with that

Dr. Brian said...

It is his Head, the one with eyes and ears and nose and such... The camera shot is from low and behind as he pulls down his pants, and you are seeing his chin and mouth and nose as he bends over and then stands back up. If you pause it at just the right moment, you can see it is his nose and mouth as eh stands back up... Get out of the gutter and get back to writing about the youth in asia. What are the youth in asia so important, what about the youth in america, or the youth in australia, or the youth in europe?????

Buggie said...

Okay, I froze it and it is his head. Why did he bend over so far to pull off his pants? Why did they show his head like that? You know it looks naughty!