Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Words of Wisdom. 4.12.07

Scrubs said goodbye to one of its own in its typical fashion; heavy on the humor with a dash of seriousness and a pinch of sadness.

What made me think, however, was the relationship between Eliot and pretty doctor boy. (Keith? Kevin?) I think it is Keith, so that's what we will call him. I hope that is right, so as not to confuse. Eliot has been busting her hump (her lovely lady lumps) to be the "cool" girlfriend. So when Keith tells her he is heading off to Las Vegas to do things that don't leave Vegas with his buddies over their first anniversary, she says cool.

Now, every other guy in the place wishes their girlfriend would be that way, and let them get away with murder. Keith's reaction? He wants to break up with her.

I have noticed something with men. When girls want to be with them, they are stand-offish and when girls are indifferent, they begin to cling. (Maybe everyone is like that.) Would Keith want to be a great boyfriend to Eliot had she not spent the first year of their relationship being apathetic to him as a mate? Is this a demonstration of how to make a guy want to be in a relationship?

The reasoning behind Eliot's behavior was that she was hurt so many times by men that she did not want to put herself in that position again. Is that wall appealing? Where lies the middle ground that allows for two people to happily be together without giving up everything, and also without the walls for protection?

I will leave you with my favorite line from the show spoken by the Pastor at the funeral.

"I love you and there is nothing you can do about it."

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Law-Rah said...

re: "Is this a demonstration of how to make a guy want to be in a relationship?"

um, yes.